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After 20 years, The Home Depot breaks ground on a San Tan Valley lot

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By Timothy Rawles / NewsBreak Pinal County, AZ

(San Tan Valley, AZ) It was confirmed that the hardware and home improvement company, The Home Depot, will begin building the new store located in Skyline Ranch Marketplace on West Hunt Highway and North Gary Road.

County Supervisor Mike Goodman confirmed the news in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“Finally, we’re at that point now, where they are going to be starting to do some grading on the property and really move things forward,” he says in the video. “I think their date to open is November (2022) so they’re going to be aggressive with this.”

Director of Economic and Workforce Development James Smith spoke with Supervisor Goodman about the exciting news and what it means to local homeowners.

“San Tan Valley is … the most dense area of Pinal County, so we know that there are a lot of customers here,” Smith says. “We know the residents here want to shop locally and keep their sales tax dollars here in Pinal County. We know that they want experiences, restaurants, and entertainment.”

Arguably, the nearest Home Depot to San Tan Valley right now is about 30 minutes away on South Power Road in Queen Creek or a little further in Chandler on Arizona Road. These might appear to be short distances, but when San Tan Valley contractors and residents are hauling big box home improvement items through heavy traffic, convenience, and safety are key.
The Home DepotCourtesy of The Home Depot

San Tan Valley’s population has grown from 81,321 to 96,692 since 2010. That accelerated growth means more people are buying homes and those homeowners need interior and exterior improvements, decorating supplies, and other household materials.

Although there is no word on how large the San Tan Valley Home Depot will be or what services will be provided, the Queen Creek location might be a great indicator of things to come. That location offers an expanded appliance, kitchen and flooring showroom, large equipment rentals, propane exchange, and truck and tool rentals.

Smith says that Home Depot is only the start of a huge retail expansion project. He says he wants residents to be able to “live, work, and play” in San Tan Valley.

“So, one of the things we’re working on in the next few weeks, we’re going to be putting out a bid for some consultant services to really take a look at this area and make sure that we are top of mind for these retailers for restaurants and services to really try to bring them to San Tan Valley,” he says in the video. “The other thing we’re looking at is the amount and zoned retail sites we have: you know, do we have enough retail sites? Are they in the right locations? So that we can really make this an attractive area and bring those --- again --- retail, restaurants, and services the residents want.”

Supervisor Goodman says projects like these improve the local economy and ease lengthy commute times.

“Right now, we’re losing about $1.3 billion in tax revenue that goes outside of this community,” he says. “Not to mention, 80% of our residents are actually having to leave to go to work. So, to that point of ‘live, work, and play,’ that’s what all of this is being done for.”

You can watch Supervisor Goodman's full video here.

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