Fans Theorized the Hex Out Of WandaVision

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We just lacked the Vision to Solve the mystery.

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WandaVision Episode 9 left us all wanting more Wanda Maximoff and Vision. Sadly, we will have to watch re-runs if we need a fix of that couple — for now.

This groundbreaking series took us back to the days where we all anxiously awaited next week’s episode of our favorite show. It built a community of people all over the world, looking at a mystery and trying to come up with clues. I miss that search already.

Fans dragged out all the old comics and searched online for clues to solve this show, but almost everything we theorized was a wash. They pulled a fast one on us and had a straightforward, twist-free plot. Shoot! Part of me admires the way I was misled.

Meanwhile, I dug a shallow grave to toss all my dead theories in after lighting them on fire, one by one. Then I took down all the red strings and tacks on my crazy-person obsession-wall and pretended I was normal again.

We need to remember that the best stories don’t give us everything we want. We need pain and suffering in our characters to give their journey meaning. Anything that comes too easily or fits too well will feel cheap.

If WandaVision let us have every pet theory come true, we would get spoiled and complacent. Where’s the fun in being right about everything? Where’s the surprise?

I still wish some of these things would’ve panned out, though. Here’s what could have been, but wasn’t.

Mephisto in the House

If this demon would’ve popped up to make everyone’s life hard, it would’ve been comic book accurate. Although I didn’t really want to see the boys be fragments of this evil dude’s soul, at least they would have had a powerful “god-father” in their corner.

Marvel might not have ruled out Mephisto showing up at some point later on. Maybe he’s connected to the Darkhold?

Pietro Wasn’t an X-man After All

When this theory died, it took a part of our spirits with it. All of us X-men fans were really hoping for Evan Peters to play a revitalized Quicksilver. The theory was that he somehow came through the Nexus from an alternate dimension, and was going to stick around. Instead, he was just a local actor who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’m not the only fan who had fingers crossed behind his back hoping for Professor X to come in last minute and give us a line into the mutant world. It was not to be, however.

Reed Richards From the Fantastic Four Didn’t Show

There was a guess that the aerospace engineer coming to lend a hand to Monica Rambeau would be Reed Richards.

A bunch of us put this one on our wish lists too.

“WandaVision is like Christmas! We get all the things we ever imagined!”

The Fantastic Four wasn’t under the tree when we got the WandaVision finale. Too bad. But The Thing is pretty big to wrap anyway, and you might get clobbered trying it.

The Mailman Wasn’t Behind it All

That pesky Dennis, always going through scenes with parcels and letters. Wouldn’t it have been cool if he turned out to be the big bad, pulling strings abs delivering Dear John letters to unsuspecting dupes?

He always had a little smirk for the townsfolk, and his “Don’t blame the messenger!” snark seemed suspicious. Alas, he was just another victim of Wanda’s grief.

The Vision That Was in Love With Wanda is Gone

We all lost him. And it hurts more than I thought it would. He was such a stand-up guy, fighting for his love to the last.

The “real” Vision just flew off to do synthezoid things somewhere. Maybe he’ll remember his love and change his colors, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Hayward Wasn’t a Hydra Agent — Just a Dick

It sure seemed like Hayward had some big ulterior motives for being cruel and unusual to Wanda. It seemed likely that he was a Hydra operative, trying to steal some sentient weaponry for the cause of evil and destruction.

Nope. In the end, he was only being the jerk his mom raised him to be. I bet he never cleaned his room and kicked the family pet all the time too. And speaking of pets…

Sparky Didn’t Make It

Why did this innocent dog have to bite the dust? Shame on you, Agatha! What did he ever do to you?

Maybe she was testing a theory. What if something died inside the hex? Only one way to find out, I guess. Or it could be that Sparky was chasing around her bunny? That could get an evil witch riled up.

Senor Scratchy Wasn’t a Ringer, Just a Rabbit

Some thought that the rabbit was more than he appeared. He’s named after Agatha’s son in the comics, but it seems he was just a pet after all.

I bet that Agnes still lives with her bunny in Westview. That’s a great low-maintenance pet for a nosy neighbor, but aren’t cats more of a witch thing? Hmmm.

It’s Over!

WandaVision didn’t do everything e thought it was going to. I bet a lot of fans are disappointed that all of our pet theories bit the hex and episode 9 left us emotionally wrung out.

So it didn’t give us what we wanted. Instead, we got what we needed. Something to keep us guessing and talking for 8 weeks, and think g about the next show that will be starting real soon.

Let’s see what crazy theories we can come up with about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. Are you with me? Whoever gets a wall covered with the most push pins and red strings wins!

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