We Feed Birds to Amuse Our Cat and For No Other Reason

Tim Ebl

No Birds Were Harmed In The Creation of This Article


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Since we brought a kitten into our lives, I find myself doing a lot of things I never would have considered doing. We always had dogs before this. Now we needed to make some adjustments.

We cat proofed our kitchen counters so she couldn’t get into things. Our pugs never once jumped onto the counters. They were good about not getting into high things. You might claim it was because they were short and couldn’t jump, but I insist it’s because they just respected our wishes.

The cat refuses to respect our wishes about no feet on the counter.

We keep a poop-box in the porch, what a weird idea. Our dogs never once pooped in a box. Well, maybe that one time.

And, we hung a bird feeder in a tree outside the window to attract little flying creatures like blue jays. Before this, we were more likely to try to scare birds away. Now we are altering our behaviour for a small furry creature that we decided to bring home and love. We are purposefully bringing in even more birds.

I don’t hate birds.

But I’m torn between liking them and wishing they would all go away. They arrive en masse in our remote wilderness yard every year, signalling that spring is finally here. They fly about doing bird things and mostly keep out of my way. They eat a lot of bugs and have nests and raise babies and sing songs all day.

But they get up so dang early and make so much noise! They start around 4:00 AM here in the summertime, since the sun rises so early at that time of year. They sit on branches outside my bedroom window and urge everyone to rise and shine, right now. There really isn’t anything to do about it except wake up. The only option is to move to the city or get out the shotgun.

I realize that there are millions of scenery starved city folk who would love being surrounded by trees and listening to bird song. They would be in their special place from before the sun rises until it goes down. But I’m tired of certain aspects.

It’s a problem of abundance, for sure. You never know what you have until it’s gone. Maybe I will miss it when I finally accomplish my dream of moving into the city, where I don’t have 3 acres of lawn to mow and all these darn birds.

I would never have pictured myself attracting even more of the little noisy pests. And yet, here we are with a bird feeder right outside our window. What I won’t do because I love my cat.

Cats are obsessed with things that fly, and in hunting them down.

she loves to hunt flies that are unfortunate enough to enter her domain. She will track them from across the room, and leap up to catch them in midair.

She is an amazing fly hunter. Flies speak her name in whispers and hide if they sense her approach. And still she gets them.

She also wants to catch the flying things outside. Fortunately for the birds, Pakhet is an indoor cat. If she was able to go out she would spend all of her time massacring birds, mice and other small animals.

I don’t want that to happen, and also I don’t want to risk her getting eaten by foxes, coyotes or cougars. It’s an animal eat animal world when you live in the wilderness like we do.

I find us compromising by just letting her dream of butchering the birds, instead of actually doing it. By putting out a feeder to attract the birds over to the window, I turn them into our cat’s unwitting entertainment. It’s probably against their rights, but they haven’t said anything yet.

As a variety of flying critters stop by for a snack, Pakhet intently studies their habits. No doubt she is planning their demise. She makes a tiny squeak now and then as she observes a blue jay scarfing down some suet. She watches the chickadees gathering supplies for their pantry and then flying off.

We Watch The Cat Watching The Birds

As the cat watches the birds, we watch the cat. She climbs her cat tree to get to the window ledge, and dreams of killing avian animals. We sit on our sofa and fondly smile as we tacitly sanction her bloodthirsty nature.

When she lunges at the glass and wishes she could reach them, we chuckle and enjoy the show. Violence is fun.

It makes me wonder if there is someone watching us. This entity keeps us on Earth, unable to get out and pursue our bloodthirsty passions. It sees that we need entertainment and gives us distractions like birds, and cats, and blizzards.

We dream of killing things and amuse our owner to no end. As we play with our distractions, it watches fondly from its interstellar sofa and sanctions our bloodthirsty ways.

There’s no way this entity could let us off Earth. We would ruin entire habitats!

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