This 5 Minute Smile Meditation can Change Your Life

Tim Ebl

Everyone has too much stress. What we need are quick, easy to use tools that can help us bring our selves back into balance.

While meditation can show you some peace and get you feeling better, smile meditation has some really great effects on your body.

How smile meditation affects your brain

Smiling releases natural chemicals into the bloodstream. This includes neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. This can calm down all your overexcited systems, giving them a break from being tense and on edge.

This can result in lowered blood pressure and lowered heart rate. that's how a smile “tricks” you into being in a better mood and a little healthier.

What happens when you have a sad expression? It makes inflammation rise as cortisol levels go up. The balance of other neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine is upset and makes you even sadder or angrier, and less healthy.

Blood pressure can rise. Muscles that are already tense either stay that way or get even tighter. The immune system gets impacted, leaving you open to infection and disease. A feedback loop of negativity does no-one any good.

Vagus nerve activation

The vagus nerve regulates your heart, lungs, stomach, and is connected to the endocrine system. When you meditate and slow your breathing, you stimulate the vagus nerve.

This calms down the fight or flight reflex. Inflammation in the body is reduced as cortizol levels drop

Inflammation will contribute to chronic diseases in your body. These include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Smiling meditation is one way to reduce chronic inflammation.

The butterfly effect starts here

When you practice smiling, it will have butterfly effect on everyone you encounter. Because of your demeanor, everyone will treat you just a bit differently. They might smile back. Civility levels rise. Patience and politeness increases.You will get better service in stores.

Random passers-by are more likely to notice you and give you your space instead of ignoring your existence and rudely pushing past.

They are might pass that smile on and give someone else a boost. We can affect people we don’t even meet! It can be a smile effect that reaches an unknown number of strangers.

Doesn’t that bring a smile to your face?

Smiling Meditation Makes You Hotter

Be honest. Who doesn’t want to look hotter? Who looks better to you, someone who frowns, looks tense and wound up and frazzled? Or, a serene, amenable, and smiling person?

Most of us find a frown to be a big hard no.

Smiling meditation is a simple tool that increases your attractiveness. You will subconsciously loosen up and be less intimidating.

How to do it:

Start In a Comfortable Position. Let your hands rest on your knees, or anywhere they feel good.

Close your eyes and take a moment to just rest. Let a deep breath in, and then let it out.

As you breathe, feel your body and really connect with the sensation of the breath going in and out of you. See if there’s any discomfort in your position and adjust to get more comfortable.Notice your face. Is it tight anywhere? Let it be smooth.

Feel your neck muscles, and release any tension in your neck and shoulders. One way to do this is to tighten all the muscles for a few seconds and then let them fall slack. Feel the relief of a loose, trouble-free face.Breathe in, and notice how your upper body rises and expands. Then breathe out and feel your chest lower.Imagine you are at the bottom of an ocean full of air, a life-giving pool of abundance that completely surrounds you. As you open your lungs, let the air into you and feel your shoulders rise. Now let the air return to the ocean, and feel your chest and stomach relax.

Remember that all the air you ever need is given to you freely.Take in another energy-filled breath fill you and be aware of your body. As the air leaves you again, let everything relax and loosen. Breathe in again and be aware, and then let the air return to the atmosphere ocean, pulling all the tensions out of you. Feel the breath start to come in again, and be glad. You are alive and breathing and full of possibility.

Start your smile, and allow it to come to you slowly like a gift. Let the corners of your mouth curl and move a bit at a time. Inhale slowly and fully, and then exhale slowly and completely. Inhale again and let the smile spread wider, and as you breathe out feel your body respond to the smile.

As you breathe and smile, notice gravity. Can you feel it anchoring you solidly through your butt, pulling you down? Smile wider and realize that you can always count on air and gravity. These two life-giving things supply you with energy and direction.

Sense the pull in your arms and hands and body and be glad. The Earth is fully supporting you, and the ocean of air surrounds you.As you inhale, feel your smile, and as you exhale, relax just a little more.

Can you feel joy spreading through your body? Notice any feelings you are having and be glad. Enjoy the smile for a few more breaths.Slowly release the smile and let your face rest in a serene, neutral position. How does this feel? Pay attention to the rest of your body.

Take a few more breaths and notice gravity.Slowly let the smile return like the sun rising on a beautiful summer morning. Smile with the joy of being alive. Know that every day is a gift and you can choose to do what you want with it.Smile just a little wider and deeper and let breath fill your lungs.

Imagine a full cup of cool, clean water is being poured into your body from the top of your head. Let the breath out of you and feel the water trickle down through each and every cell, bringing peace and happiness to every corner of your body. See your being filled with energy and good feelings from your toes to your crown.

Let the feelings inside you radiate out into the word with each exhalation, and draw in more air and energy each time you open to the ocean of air. Breathe in energy, and radiate out relaxation and acceptance.

Breathe in again, breathe out, sending another wave of energy through every cell in your body. See the extra energy leaving you in a wave of joy. Sit and notice how your body feels, and be glad.

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

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