6 Bizarre Life-Hacks to Reboot Your Mind

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Get your mind back into abundant thinking with a series of unusual habits/experiments.


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“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.” — Anne Lamott

I found myself in a complicated position last year and felt uninspired. A friend said to me, “Maybe you just need to hit the reset button.”

“How do you do that?”

“It’s different for everyone. Just adopt a few opposites in your life and stay clear of activities and things you find addictive or tempting.”

His advice seemed simple enough. I began the process of looking for opposites and thinking about what I was addicted to. What resulted was a list of bizarre life-hacks that helped reboot my mind. Here they are.

1. No Processed Foods or Refined Oil

My girlfriend watched The Game Changers documentary and that led her to read up on the best foods to consume.

The one lesson she got from the many books she read was to cut out processed foods and refined oil. Refined oil, to my surprise, included olive oil too. My energy levels over many weeks changed. My mind felt clearer.

2. A Black and White Phone

To live without a phone is unlikely if you have a family or earn an income. You’re stuck with your phone.

A life-hack I tried, thanks to Megan Holstein, was having my phone permanently set to black and white mode. Since then, my phone has stayed that way.

My mind needed rebooting because I’d become addicted to social media. The colours of the icons and the placement of the LinkedIn app on my phone was working against me and my desire to think, not consume all the time.

I found myself in a dark place.

Over the years I’d connected with many LinkedIn leaders and noticed they appeared one way in their social media posts and another way in person or via direct messages. Their egos had been tied to their social media stats. My ego was also tied to social media stats.

There were days where these leaders pretended to be winning. The hope was they could start a business thanks to social media. I can remember being told by one leader who made going viral look like child’s play that my work had offended her. She told me to be more careful — like crossing her and the massive following she had amassed was going to be very bad for my life.

A dude I met through Facebook even admitted to cheating on his wife because of his newfound fame online. His social media profile started out with the best of intentions and then became a magnet for attracting beautiful women and attempting to seduce them in private messages. When he told me this, I felt sick. You would never have guessed this from reading his Facebook posts.

The difficult days were hard enough. At the peak of a challenging career moment, a group of trolls found their way to my work. They made it their full-time job to make up lies about me and sprinkle them in the comments section of my work. There were days where it was hard to wake up and not feel ashamed.

My mind had become consumed by social media. The reboot started when I turned my phone to black and white mode. Things got a little better. Then I decided to tone down and even stop reading comments altogether. Removing social media apps from my phone was the next natural progression.

Before long, my mind healed from my phone and from too much social media.

3. Email-Checking Scheduled in Your Calendar

Email is a full-time job. If you check your email in your spare time, you can become a slave to it.

I find too many unread emails to be stressful. A colleague at work suggested scheduling time in my calendar for opening emails. Rather than check emails as they come in, I only checked them twice during the day at pre-determined times. Twice a day seemed to be just enough to keep up without missing anything urgent.

Reboot your mind with less time checking email.

4. Dark Chocolate After Work

The typical workday can be exhausting. One way I found to reset and reward myself was to schedule ‘dark chocolate time.’ It’s a tiny little reward that gives you something to look forward to after work.

5. Grand Designs in the Evening

Peace of mind thanks to architecture — who knew.

As a kid, my mother loved to watch this tv show called “Grand Designs.” I used to think it was a waste of time. Then last year I started watching it on Youtube. It helped me reboot my mind.

I thought renovating houses was about materialism. Watching Grand Designs taught me that it’s about so much more than that.

The design of a building is about symmetry, peace, and the surroundings. The way a building is designed and lived in speaks to you in another language. A finished building after the madness it takes to build it is a work of art. Seeing how a building sits on the land and blends into its environment can be stunning to watch.

Architecture can help you reboot your mind and reconnect you with your environment.

6. Sundays in Aeroplane Mode

To truly disconnect, I found you have to unplug from technology and its constant stream of information desperate to enter your mind.

  • No smartwatches on your wrist.
  • No internet connection on your phone; just the time-keeping feature.
  • No smart TV’s streaming back-to-back episodes.
  • No car with a Google Map to tell you where you’re going.

Sunday is a day to relax and explore. You can have one day a week with no internet connection or tech.

Life-hacks that are unconventional help you to see alternate realities. In those realities, you find ways to reboot your mind. Your mind is a program and at times, the pattern needs to be interrupted.

Switch off so that you can reset and return to the world ready to think abundantly again.

You’re not broken; your mind just needs a reboot.

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