Get Rich and Drive a Toyota Camry

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Being rich is a feeling.

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It’s fun to turn your thoughts upside down.

The typical “rich life” portrayed on social media is all about exotic locations, nice watches, and luxury cars.

Lambos won’t make you happy.

While sitting on the toilet the other day the phrase “get rich and drive a Toyota Camry” hit me. I immediately wrote it down. It’s a philosophy I’ve believed in for a long time.

Being Rich Is a Feeling

I am not financially wealthy, technically. But I feel incredibly rich.

When people ask me whether I’m rich I say yes. I’m filthy stinking rich and yet I don’t have a bank account with millions of dollars.

I feel rich because I’ve chosen to. I’ve stopped buying into the consumer lie that you need to own a lot of stuff to feel good. Stuff makes me feel sick — ask my girlfriend.

I spend a lot of time trying to get rid of stuff in my home to make room for my thoughts. I get lost in my thoughts because I know that they will set me free, eventually. Being addicted to stuff is a disease of the mind, fuelled by ads.

You can be rich when you decide to feel rich.

Rich is a codeword for feeling free — both in your thoughts and the decisions you make.

Drive Your Own Version of a Toyota Camry

The get rich and drive a Toyota Camry idea came from my grandpa, who returned from World War 2 having endured tuberculosis, and used the money he earned from war to buy a Camry.

Tuberculosis meant he never saw action. He spent his days close to the frontline as a nurse, helping injured soldiers. When he returned home he was referred to by his fellow soldiers as “Doc.” With no medical training, he worked in the makeshift hospital.

He went to war to kill people and never got to. War taught him how to heal people from their wounds.

This brought him incredible enjoyment. You could never wipe the smile off his face. I never once saw him get angry. He just had a different way of life — a Toyota Camry, rich way of life.

The Toyota Camry he bought was his idea of a freedom machine. Whenever he got into the Camry he could travel anywhere he wanted to with his grandchildren, and have his mind transported away from the battlefield. He felt rich when he escaped the horrors of war and thought about all the lives he got to save.

My version of being rich is different from my grandpa’s. I own the distant cousin of the Toyota Camry: a Honda Civic.

A Honda Civic transports me back to Japan where I met people who were in love with the simple life. The simple life makes me feel rich.

Choose your version of rich.

The “Do Whatever You Want” Lifestyle

I think you are rich when you can do whatever you want without being told to. I think having a boss tell you how to run a presentation and being able to disagree with them without getting fired is being rich. (Notice how I didn’t say having a 9–5 job made you poor.)

When you settle for a Toyota Camry, you don’t have to work so damn hard for money. With less time being spent earning money to pay a loan on an overpriced car you don’t need, you get the gift of time.

Having time to do whatever you want is life-changing. A person who has a lot of money and can’t give up work for a year, because they choose to, isn’t rich.

Truly rich people have built a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that lets them do whatever the hell they want without being forced to pledge their soul to a bank, job, or startup.

Your Mindset Decides Whether You Are Rich

You choose your mindset.
Therefore, you choose to be rich.

I feel rich because of the way I’ve chosen to think. I do my best not to see critics or hate or take offense to harsh comments on social media. This doesn’t mean my brain is impenetrable. It just means I don’t spend my time being obsessed with how people think about me.

The mindset stems from the idea that there is already enough to be angry about without me adding to it. It’s easy to be angry.

It’s difficult to be kind, generous, or humble.

I choose to adopt a mindset that says “you aren’t on this planet for long so may as well do something with the time.”

Your mind can make the world feel like a nightmare. Your mind can also make you feel like you are filthy rich and being gifted with incredible opportunities every day. You decide.

Don’t blame anybody other than yourself if you choose to think with a poverty mindset. Your mindset doesn’t change overnight. Your mindset is a work in progress so why not get on the road to riches, starting from today?

Others Can Make You Feel Rich

It took me a long time to realize that when you’re doing something meaningful for others without being told to, you begin to feel rich.

A life of selfishness is excruciating. A life of service is freeing.

Financially rich people often think they need to get all the resources they can so they can be rich. But there’s an alternative. You can stack resources and use them for the benefit of other people.

The email that says “thank you, I didn’t take my own life because of what you wrote” will change your life more than 5 Million big ones landing in your bank account after selling a rainbow unicorn to a crowd of angry investors that look and act like wolves.

Help others so you can be rich.

You Can Sell the Camry for an Uber Ride

You can go even deeper with this how-to-be-rich philosophy. Why not sell the Toyota Camry and take an Uber ride?

Imagine if you didn’t have a car to wash, insure, get serviced, and protect from thieves. That’s a lot of resources you’re saving right there.

Owning any physical possession is overrated.

You don’t need the stuff you own as much as you think. The stuff you own can end up owning you if you need lots of debt to pay for it all. The joy of “just in time possessions” is worth considering.

Gift the Toyota Camry

Why not give away a Toyota Camry (can be 20 years old) to someone who needs one?

Test: how does giving away the car to someone who needs it make you feel?

Write it down.
Think about it.
Soak up the feeling.

Do you still want your own Toyota Camry?

Get rich by making yourself rich — and then by making someone else rich.

How? Decide to be rich, adopt the do-whatever-you-want lifestyle, choose a rich mindset, help others, utilize the sharing economy, and give away some of what you have for free.

It’s worth rejecting trends.

You don’t need a Lambo. You may not even want a Toyota Camry. You get to choose how and why you are rich.

Let your creativity make you rich.

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