An AI Pretending to Be Me Will Surprise You with Its Bizarrely Insightful Wisdom

Tim Denning

Software engineer, Ethan Roberts, programmed an AI to read my work and be like me as an experiment.

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Artificial intelligence can write wisdom for a living. You don’t need to necessarily pay a freelancer for written content.

Software engineer, Ethan Roberts, forced an AI to read 80 of my written articles, and write brand new articles from them as if they were me. The AI ended up writing bizarrely insightful quotes instead.

These quotes will help you unlock higher-level thinking because they were written by a machine pretending to be a real human.

“Keep the fear of being”

AI me started out with this deep thought. You fear just being. You hide being alone with your thoughts by placing a phone in front of your eyes to distract you from thinking.

What if your fear of being was what was holding you back? It’s okay to feel the fear of your mortality. It’s okay to feel like you want to leave something behind for the world before you’re dead and reincarnate as an octopus.

Human life, as opposed to AI life, is full of guaranteed tragedy. You overcome tragedy when you face it and see it for what it is: a gift.

“Spend a day in perfect detail”

AI me proved it wasn’t a one-trick pony channeling self-help guru Tony Robbins and worshiping his private jet.

A mentor once said to me, “what does your ideal day look like?” Before they considered hiring me they wanted me to write down my ideal day. I had to describe it in perfect detail. I had to describe what I’d be doing, how I’d feel, and who I’d be hanging around. The exercise led me to understand what I did want so I could avoid what I didn’t want.

I once met Andrew Morello, the Australian winner of the TV show The Apprentice, and he gave me the same advice. Once you know your ideal day, spend a day living it in perfect detail.

The finite details of your day in perfect detail tell you what you should be doing for the rest of your life. It’s easy to live each day missing all the details. It’s life-changing to live one full day noticing every single detail.

“You can lose your life as a writer”

AI me then shifted to giving writing advice (it’s a wannabe writer, after all, that doesn’t face the Game of Thrones battle against its critics in a Twitter showdown).

As a writer, you can lose your life when you become obsessed with how you appear online, money, vanity metrics, and your need to look like you’re winning. Writing online can change your life. It can also cause you to become a statistic addicted addict looking for likes and one-dollar bills under a freshly minted Bill Gates conspiracy theory article.

You ground yourself as a writer when you transcend yourself.

When your writing is about more than you and your precious ego, you see the world differently. We’re all writers — if you write emails then you are a writer. Writing is how we take what we see and put it into words other humans can understand.

Writing is therapy. Writing it relaxation. Writing is part of your life’s work. Writing online is a privilege not all corners of the world have access to (yet). Don’t lose your mind when you write. Write so it gives meaning to your life, by helping others with their problems.

“People are about you and they can make it work for you”

AI me seems to have lost the plot with this quote at first glance. If you read the quote 3-5 times you start to see something else.

“People are about you” means every person you meet is secretly working in your favor. Even the trolls and the bad bosses add value to your life. When you see people as being “for you,” things start to work in your favor. You see people as names with lessons attached to them. Rather than identities trying to tell you how awesome you are, or trolls who seek to harm your personal brand.

“People are about you” means people are just like you. No matter what race, ethnicity or upbringing you had, people you meet are closely related to you. So you are made up of every person you meet.

How would you treat a person who is part of your DNA makeup?

“You can act alive and appear as though you’re lifeless”

AI me finishes on a high note. It’s hard to believe this quote came from an AI. It’s as if the AI has the gift of human consciousness and is communicating its struggle with other people just like it.

Many people live their entire lives as an actor. They pretend to be alive when they are dead inside. What makes them a dead person with a pulse? They reject having a meaning for their life. They live as though there is only one life and the afterlife is a joke.

Dr BJ Miller, a hospice and palliative medicine physician, says this:

Your death is not the end of your body. The chemical bonds that held you together at the molecular level continue to break in the minutes and months after you die. Tissues oxidize and decay, like a banana ripening. The energy that once animated the body doesn’t stop: It transforms. Decay from one angle, growth from another.
Unfettered, the decay process continues until all that was your body becomes something else, living on in others — in the grass and trees that grow from where you might come to rest, and from the critters who eat there.
Your very genes, little packets of stuff, will live indefinitely as long as they found someone new to host them. Even after interment or cremation, your atoms remain intact and scatter to become other things, just as they pre-existed you and became you.
For revelation of the mysteries of an afterlife, or of the forces that kicked off this wondrous circus in the first place, we might look to religion. What is described above is plainly observable science.
Yet science doesn’t do the question justice. It won’t tell us why, or what’s behind its laws. The body houses more than we can express; you are more than your body. Becoming a blade of grass is a sweetness that doesn’t compensate for all the heartache death connotes.

The afterlife isn’t a joke. You live on in some form.

If you only knew how alive you really could be you would live your life differently. Acting alive is a distraction. Being alive is giving meaning to the consciousness that controls the body you are operating in this life.

I couldn’t make up these insights an AI pretending to be me wrote if I tried. At first glance they may look like typos or half-truths. At second glance you see that AI understands the human condition better than we may realize.

Even when you’re dead a future AI can write as though they are you. This is how we may live on through AI. So write your thoughts online for a future AI to consume, analyze, and use as inspiration.

AI is how your legacy lives on.

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