I Am Here to Tell You the World Works in Mysterious Ways

Tim Denning

And mostly, it works in your favour.


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My car was parked in the driveway this morning, waiting for the garage door. I was thinking about all the chaos of the last two weeks. What was the message in all of it? There had to be some good.

Then, like a freaking spiritual awakening, my mind said something interesting: The world works in mysterious ways — mostly, in your favour.

It was one of those once in a lifetime insights and obviously, I didn’t invent the saying. (Whoever said this, thank you.)

What brought about this thought was an email a few minutes earlier. It was the blessing in disguise I needed to end the war against my writing career. I never thought the words in that email would exist. I’d been through hell and back, and now I was parked in the driveway having had everything work out.

The world works in mysterious ways and when you understand that it works in your favour, you see your life differently.

Chaos becomes ‘the process’ and the reward is unknown and bittersweet when you receive it. Here is how the world works in your favour.

Protecting You From What Doesn’t Serve You

The world throws problems at your life and you don’t get any warning.

These problems look like giant pains in the ass when they bleed their way into your life through the actions of other people and circumstances that appear outside of your control.

You’re shielded, though. Problems help to test you. When you’re tested by problems, you discover what serves you and what doesn’t.

A problem can take away something you love and only without that piece of you gone do you realize whether you need it, or if it even matters.

A piece of me went missing in the last few weeks, and I realized it wasn’t that important after all. I could live without it and find other ways to live rather than exist.

The world is not throwing problems at you; it’s working in your favour and reminding you of what doesn’t serve you.

Teaching You Lessons

What is mysterious about the world is the problems you find yourself dealing with. They are never the problems you’d select from the Oyster Bar Menu of your favourite seafood restaurant.

Nobody comes to your table and says, “Which item would you like to take from the seafood platter of life’s problem sir/madam?”

You don’t pick your problems. Problems pick you, and this works in your favour. The problems you encounter teach you lessons. If you had zero problems, you’d have no lessons.

I’m pretty sure the only people who don’t have problems are those who are dead. Unless there are problems in heaven — then, well, they’re probably screwed aren’t they?

It’s mysterious how problems can be some of the biggest highlights of your life when you look back.

The style of the problem is not what’s memorable. It’s how you dealt with it which creates a lasting impact.

Shaping Your Perspective

If you think I’m full of crap when it comes to the world working in your favour, think about what you’re saying.

You decide what every problem, situation, and decision means and if you think your life is unfair, perhaps it is your perspective, not the world that is causing you to believe that.

All of the pain and suffering has value and it might take months or years for you to realize that value and bank it for yourself.

Don’t give up hope in seeing the world as working in your favor — because it is. And you will see for yourself like I have seen today.

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