One-Sentence Truth Bombs from People Worth Paying Attention To

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Because you need to hear the truth sometimes to change your life.

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The most highlighted quotes on this platform are one sentence truth bombs, delivered in short, sharp sentences.

We love simplicity. The advice we pay attention to is pocket-sized and easy to understand without a dictionary, and a knob for an author.

Have you read those three-paragraph quotes and fallen asleep or only made it to the second sentence? I have and I bet you have too.

The best one-sentence bomb someone said to me was right before I was about to get on stage and poop my pants by giving a speech. The generous man in a navy blue suit, red tie, and black and white dress shoes from Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” video, said to me:

“Act like you’re not afraid and talk like we’re talking now.”

That one-sentence got me out of my head. I stopped feeling like I was about to vomit up grandma’s casserole from the night before. Here are some more one-sentence bombs to help you out.

“How about no, Scott?” — Dr Evil (Austin Powers Movie)

People love to take up your time. They spend your time with zero f*cks given, because you let them. It’s okay to say no.

It doesn’t make you mean or unkind. Every meeting you say yes to is time you can’t get back on the day of your funeral. If you were given an agenda to fill out before the ticket to life was given to you, would you let this request of your time be on it? If not, politely decline.

“Some air you inhale was exhaled by Cleopatra” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

This quote helps you put your life in perspective. People have walked exactly where you’re walking right now for thousands of years. You’re important and insignificant all in the same sentence. Think about that deeply.

“Make before you manage “ — Tim Ferriss

You feel better when you create something instead of managing boring, everyday tasks like email and cleaning.

If you seek progress, create something.

“You do you” — Unknown

Your entire life is full of people wanting you to change to meet their version of the world. “You do you” is a reminder to be yourself. Talk how you want to talk. Act how you want to act. Do what you want to do.

Being someone else is hard work.

“If you haven’t been told ‘You’re weird’ a few times along the way, you aren’t doing it right” — Sean Kernan

People think I’m weird all the time. I’d rather type than watch sport. I’d rather a cup of tea than a tray of vodka shots to numb the pain. I wear different colored socks. I say stuff that seems odd like “if you have a job you’re an entrepreneur.”

The word “weird” is a compliment.

Become weird and stand out from the crowd, so people remember you. It’s marketing for dummies.

“If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door” — Candace Plattor

This is a great way to handle rejection. Every opportunity is a door and some doors are not meant for you. It’s no problem if the door doesn’t open. Just move on to the next door and try that one.

“You do not need to text your friend every single day to still be friends” — Prince EA

The real friends are the ones you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while who you instantly connect with again when you speak.

You can be apart for five years, see each other, and it can feel as though the world hasn’t moved a millimeter.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world — most people just exist” — Oscar Wilde

There are two ways to live your life: exist or live.

Your mind’s default operating mode is to exist. This means every day is a grind and you feel like things happen to you, not for you.

To live is to understand and act as though you could be dead tomorrow. Therefore, head up high, shoulders back, and face forward. You got this.

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain” — Joseph Campbell

Light overwhelms darkness.

Joy towers over pain. If you feel pain, find your joy.

I’ll give you a clue: joy is where you go when no one asks you to, you don’t get paid for it, it’s a default choice and it’s where you go when you want time back in your day to do it. You have some joy, somewhere. Use it.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple” — Dr Seuss

Become obsessed with questions.

Questions are what make you listen to a podcast for three hours in a flow state and not even realize what is happening or how much time has elapsed.

The right question, asked the right way, at the right time, can change your life.

Questions unlock your curiosity.
Curiosity is where possibility is found.

And finally….

Overwhelm is the enemy of passion and energy. Passion and energy become hyper-focused when you focus on one thing.

Ooops….I broke the one-sentence rule mentioned in the headline. It was to prove a point: Rules are meant to be broken.

Breaking the rules is a reminder of how much the stuff we complain about — related to our view of how the world should be — is unimportant.

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