The Ultimate List of Life-Changing Experiments to Try in a 2-Minute Read

Tim Denning

My top 21 experiments to try if you feel stuck and want to change your life — or even if you feel fine.

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The editor of a publication I work with pointed out to me the other day that my life seems like nothing more than a series of experiments. She’s right.

What has changed my life since 2014 has been a series of unintentional experiments. Each experiment has taught me a new lesson.

Here are all the experiments I’ve tried since 2014 that you can choose to experience for yourself.

  1. Stop talking about yourself in conversations for two days.
  2. Publish your way to 100 blog posts on the internet as quickly as you can.
  3. Read every Saturday night for a year while everybody else is partying.
  4. Go on 30 dates in a row using the Tinder Dating App.
  5. Travel to San Francisco for two weeks and see elitism and homelessness.
  6. Don’t talk to your parents for 2 weeks and imagine they’re gone forever.
  7. Attend more than 50 job interviews in 6 months, and experience what continuous rejection is like.
  8. Get fired from your job after 6 months the first time you become a leader.
  9. Start a business with your family and then leave after 5 years.
  10. Join LinkedIn, post daily for 6 years, and look back on the person you’ve become.
  11. Get on stage at your local Toastmasters Club and practice public speaking for three months straight.
  12. Live in the same home as your romantic partner for 24 days in separate bedrooms. Watch how you never take them for granted again.
  13. Delete all podcasts on your phone except one. Watch how simple your life becomes.
  14. Write a tweet to your future self, ten years from now. Be bold.
  15. Stop worrying about everything for three days. See if you feel different.
  16. Rewire your brain through reading 45 books about Human Psychology and your unlimited potential.
  17. Measure one day of your life based on two metrics: did you learn one new thing and did you inspire/help one person?
  18. Adopt the qualities of brilliant salespeople: value relationships, worship referrals, go all-in on one social media channel, take complex ideas and make them simple, avoid overthinking, make actual decisions, use deadlines, dial down your ego, listen.
  19. Experience a near-miss with cancer and then be reminded by your close call every year when you go back to the hospital to get checked.
  20. Live the Keanu Reeves way of life for a year and be humble every day.
  21. Make $30 in a month using nothing but the internet. Watch your possibilities shift, followed by how you approach work.
  22. Pretend today, that tomorrow is the last day before you die.

Final Thought

The best experiment is thinking about your life in the context of the people you meet because of the example your presence represents.

You can be absolutely anything you want to be when you treat your life like an experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.

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