13 Predictions for 2021 to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Tim Denning

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Thinking about the future gives you incredible hope.

Now more than ever, you need hope. Everywhere you turn there is bad news ready to ruin your day. But the future is bright. There’s so much to be hopeful about. 2021 is going to show us where we’re heading.

The light at the end of the pandemic will be in sight.

It won’t be quick. It won’t be easy. There will be unknowns and setbacks. But ultimately, humanity will find a way. We will look back at this moment in history and be proud of what we achieved together.

We will mourn the lives of everybody who was taken by the virus. A global day of remembrance will be put on the calendar. There will still be an aftermath into 2022, but we’ll be better at handling it.

Bitcoin will become mainstream.

PayPal launching bitcoin in 2020 will only be the beginning. Wall Street and institutions will flock to the asset as a way to avoid inflation and digitize gold. Everyday people will buy bitcoin and treat it like their savings account.

Jack Dorsey will launch his cryptocurrency project in Africa to help those who don’t have access to the simple human right of a bank account.

The first central bank digital currency will launch.

Following on from the trend of cryptocurrency, the world will start experimenting with digital currencies to get away from the currencies they obliterated through money printing since 2008.

Electric cars will be the main focus of car manufacturers.

People will stop pretending cars need to run on gas. The obvious answer starring us right in the face will finally gain mass adoption. Every car company will mostly move away from petrol cars. Owning a petrol car will start to feel like owning a horse and cart pre-automobiles.

Ethereum will become the plumbing of the internet.

Decentralized apps (dApps) built on ethereum will start to become a lot more common. Every company will begin thinking about their dApp strategy. A genius will invent a social media platform that isn’t owned by anybody, that is censorship-resistant. The business model for the development of software will change. Programmers will finally be paid fairly through the token system and Ethereum 2.0.

Users will own tech platforms, not billionaires.

Elon will continue to lead the march into space.

Love him or hate him, Elon gets shit done. He will continue to push humanity deeper into space. The idea we’re trapped on earth forever will continue to be challenged.

People will rebel against censorship on content platforms like YouTube.

Society is going to protest against platforms like Youtube by mass-deleting their accounts. The final straw will happen. People will have enough.

Creator friendly platforms will continue their epic rise.

Climate change will be back on the agenda.

This will become the most pressing issue again as the terror of the pandemic will take second place, due to widespread vaccines. Politicians will get votes based on their climate change policy, not their support of the big businesses who fund their campaigns.

Work from home will be the default.

You will still go to the office if you have a 9–5 job like me. But it will be different. The office will be a place to have meetings, not do work. Productive work will be done in your home office. Dialing into meetings via Zoom will be okay — in fact, it will be the preferred method.

Stock prices will fall as expected.

Economic reality will finally be reflected in stock prices. The greedy will lose lots of money. The savvy investor will get a chance to buy assets at a discount. Bonds will become a useless product in a world overloaded with debt that will never be paid back. Alternative assets will be created, digitally.

It will be the year of indie writers.

Anybody can write on the internet. 2021 will be the year more and more content creators start writing online. An indie writer is an unprofessional who doesn’t think they’re that good.

This new breed of writers will continue to dominate the internet using their imperfection.

The Spotify model used for music will give birth in 2021 to similar models for writing. Grouping together different publications full of indie writers and selling them as a subscription will be another way for writers to earn a living. The paid newsletter business will continue to explode. Researchers who can provide valuable skills to writers will become in demand.

Everyday people will continue to publish their first blog posts on the internet and see what is possible. Some of them will quit their jobs to write full-time.

Universities will launch online courses.

They’ll finally get the hint. They’ll try to charge 6-figures. People won’t buy them. Then they will sell their courses at a reasonable price. Real-world skills will dominate the former dream-pushing courses once offered.

Many universities will unfortunately go broke. They’ll be replaced by online academies owned by real business owners who have done the thing they’re teaching.

Plant-based whole food diets will become a way of life.

The pandemic will leave us with a lasting focus on health. Getting healthy will be seen as more than a way to lose weight or look cool. Being healthy will be about building up your immune system to fight off future health crises.

Food that tastes as good as dairy and meat, but is made from good ol’ fashion plants, will start to grow on people. Food will equal energy.

Final Thought

2020 has been a tough year. 2021 will be humanity’s comeback. We won’t repair all of the damage from 2020 in one year, but we’ll make a huge amount of progress. Hope rather than fear will start to dominate again. If you believe 2021 will be a good year then you’ll see it that way. Good years and bad years are all a matter of perception.

I chose my meaning for 2020 to be the year of the global reset — where every person and industry was disrupted and asked the question “Are you paying attention yet?”

You choose the meaning of each year.

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