9 No B.S. Life Truths — Because We’re All Messed Up And That’s Okay

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This article is going to hurt. It will help you see, though, a few things that you may not have realized until now.

What I’m about to tell you is not necessarily obvious, but if you think about the advice carefully, all your problems will appear differently. This advice is a bit like a cold shower in a way and if you’ve ever read something I’ve written, then please know this is a must.

It doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire or homeless. These life truths have taken years for me to work out and it will only take you a few minutes to read them.

Here are the 9 No B.S. Life Truths:

1. Everyone is damaged

Don’t think for one second that you are the only person that is damaged. All of us who live this human experience have gone through and will continue to go through a bunch of stuff that is going to hurt.

We’re damaged because life is incredibly difficult. What you previously described as ‘damaged’ is actually not that at all.

We’re all damaged because that very damage is just obstacles that are put in our way so that we can learn something from this life we’ve been given.

You have to be damaged to even live.

Trying to avoid being damaged is the problem.

2. The majority are distracted

Have you been to the movies recently? Did you watch TV last night?

Did you go out for dinner last week? Have you looked at your laptop or phone today?

You would have answered yes to at least one of these questions (unless you’re an alien from Pluto). If you answered yes then congratulations! You’re distracted. Even the so-called self-help blogger writing this article who is supposed to be superhuman and never does something that is unproductive is distracted.

That’s right I’m distracted and imperfect like you.

We’re all distracted at times because it’s normal. Being distracted is how we deal with stress, our emotions and our human existence. Being distracted is normal. The idea is not to live a life of being distracted 24/7.

For me, some of my most creative thoughts come from times when I’m highly distracted and unproductive or procrastinating like a hermit crab.


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3. Men are pigs or women are crazy

Wrong. We’re all just dealing with the same struggles and neither sex is perfect.

Pretending that one sex is better than the other or that one is more messed up than the other is ridiculous.

The moment you embrace this simple fact you’ll stop falling for the lie that is gender obsession or as I like to call it: gender sympathy.

Men have problems and so do women. Again, it’s part of being human.

4. No one has all the answers

That’s where the internet is wrong.

Everyone can preach, but that doesn’t mean any of us have all the answers. The answer is to heal yourself through whatever means make sense for you.

Use your intuition to select your medicine and don’t rely on experts or social media to tell you everything.

We’re not robots and we have to start looking inwards for the answers instead of depending on our phone or the internet to do everything for us.

5. Be patient

The reason we mess up our careers is because we lack patience. If we could all see that what we achieve in a year is not much but what we achieve in five years is more than we could ever dream of, we’d stop being impatient.

I say this because I’ve spent my whole life being impatient and at one stage it made me pissed off, arrogant and rude. We’re all in a hurry and time is limited for all of us. Being obsessed with time though is not the answer.

Spending your time wisely and watching the results grow slowly is how you’ll get that goal you’ve always wanted.

There is no overnight success and wanting everything tomorrow will only make you upset and compare yourself to everyone else who you believe is winning.

The people you think are winning are probably not. If they are, they became damn patient and incredibly self-aware to get there.

Slow down.

Life is not a race. Enjoy it.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1fGVQm_0Y1vh2Ws00Image Credit: Harold “Doc” Edgerton in 1964

6. Open yourself up to love

Everything a human does comes from love. When you study what love really is you’ll see its presence in everything you do.

Romance is only one part of love.

There’s the love you can give to strangers or to your customers or even to your work colleagues.
There’s many ways to give love and be open to love. If you can understand this, then love will appear differently to you.

Love will become the answer to a lot of the problems you thought couldn’t be solved. Elon Musk said it and I’ll say it again “Love is the answer.”

It’s cheesy as hell and it takes real wisdom to grasp.

7. Snap out of exaggerating

Talking yourself up and overselling your results is one step away from lying. Lying and exaggerating won’t help you.

It took me years to learn and what I discovered was that being transparent is how you influence people to support you.

Most of my own success online has come from being transparent and sharing my failures. Share your ugly side and most of all tell us your failures.

If there’s one legacy you can leave while you’re alive, it’s the lessons you learned from your failures.

Being transparent and sharing your failures is how you become like a human magnet. Each of us is secretly listening to you when you talk hoping that you’ll tell us the truth and be vulnerable enough to talk about your failures.

The reason each of us secretly fantasize about you being truthful is because that gives us permission to do the same and to feel like we won’t be judged.

Honesty breeds more honesty and that’s how the human race can thrive.

8. Compassion for others

I’ve talked a lot about our own selfish problems and that’s okay. Think of our own problems as level one in the game of life.

Level two in the game of life goes a step further. There’s mastery of one’s own problems and then there’s compassion which is where you have concern for other people’s suffering. Compassion is where you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and be concerned about more than just yourself.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4JTp8P_0Y1vh2Ws00Image Credit: Getty Images

By helping people with their problems, you get to discover yourself at the same time.

Your potential is hidden in other people’s problems and compassion is how you unlock it.

Compassion is hard to cultivate and in the self-improvement age we live in, it often appears last on our list of goals or our to-do list.

That’s where we’ve got it wrong.

Become compassionate and you’ll see another side to life that is interesting, exhilarating and somewhat easier to digest.

For a former, selfish, asshole, this has been a valuable lesson.

9. Be the light

It’s the final life truth you need to understand.

People have given me a lot of flack for trying to inspire millions of people. They slap me over the face with their insults because they don’t understand how powerful it can be to become the light for other people.

Being inspiring is about being the light. When you light others up through your words or your actions, you spread more positivity.

Through positivity, we can help overcome the biggest struggle we face as humans.

Our biggest struggle is the mind we’ve been given since birth that will always default to negativity unless we find a way to input positivity into it every day.

By being someone’s light, you’re helping them fight the hardest battle of all — the battle that is waged in our mind every day between positive and negative.

When your mind is positive, you can see solutions that make being a human being bearable and even exhilarating.

We’re all messed up because of our mind.

Become the light that can solve that problem.

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