These Are Two Ways to Make Money from Writing That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

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At least I didn’t know them until both became a reality.

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In an interview with John Morrow, James Altucher talks about two ways to make money as a writer.

They were two ways that have helped me earn a living and I was blind to them both. Monetizing offline is often the best way. That way, you give your content away for free and let it do the magic for you behind the scenes.

So let’s cut to the chase. Here are two ways to make money as a writer that you have probably never thought of. *Jumps for joy*

Strategy One: Investment Opportunities

When your work gets read by people, some of those readers become fans. When you turn a reader into a fan they look for ways to become part of your life or support your work. This reality can lead to investment opportunities.

Let me break it down:

  1. You publish an article.
  2. The article gives you credibility and reveals your skills and interests.
  3. A reader consumes that article.
  4. The reader has the same interests as you.
  5. The reader emails you with an investment opportunity. The investment opportunity could be an offer to get discounted shares, invest in a company that is not publicly traded, or be part of a new idea with smart people that goes on to make a lot of money.
  6. You say yes to the investment opportunity and make a lot of money — and the money doesn’t come directly from your writing.

This exact scenario has happened to me. Investors and business owners have consumed my work. This results in a message to invest. I have said yes to two of those opportunities and made money from them.

The same happened to Tim Ferriss. He wrote a best-selling book and then got exposed to Shopify, Uber, and Evernote, playing the role of an unsuspecting angel investor. These investments have been responsible for most of his net-worth — not his blogs or books.

Jame Altucher, too, has been given access to startups and investment funds as a result of his writing and podcast.

A financial investment opportunity that finds you due to your writing can pay you more money than a single blog post or book ever could.

Strategy Two: A Dream Job

A few years into my writing career I got offered a job as a result of my blogging. The job was working for a company that works with some of the biggest leaders on the planet. As hard as it was, I ended up turning down the job because it required me to travel a lot, be away from my family, and move permanently away from my Melbourne home.

Let’s think about the traditional path to your dream career.

You study at university for a job. You find your dream company. You apply for the job. You get rejected from jobs just like it, over and over. You compete with other people just like you who want the same career. Often, people end up settling for a job they hate because of this process.

There’s another way: You can write your way to your dream job.

You can get on the radar of the next leader you work with because of what you write. Leaders fall in love with your view of the world, how you think, and your personal experiences wrapped in vulnerability. You can show them all of this good stuff through your writing. Before they ever consider hiring you, you can be at the top of their mind.

Who is that leader going to hire?

Option One: A stranger from a job ad who sells them the dream, produces people who give them a glowing reference, and seems like they’ve never fallen down.

Option Two: A human being they’ve read online for a year or more who they feel they know and trust through writing.

The answer is option two. Option two is less of a risk. Great leaders hire potential, not a resume. Your writing shows your potential in all its glory.

When James Altucher reminded me of these two unconventional ways to make money as a writer, it made me happy.

Conventional careers are dead.

Writing is how you forge your own path towards an unconventional career opportunity given to you by a single reader — because you earned it.

Readers can give you investment opportunities and your next career. So learn to worship and serve the reader, and you’ll make more money from places you would never have looked before.

You can do anything when you write and hit publish.

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