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Black Conservatives Hope to "Take Back The Senate" in Upcoming 2022 Election

Tiana Allen

Black Conservatives Share Aspirations to Increase the Number of Black Republicans and “Take Back the Senate” in Upcoming 2022 Election

By Tiana Allen

Black Conservative Republicans Congressman Wesley Hunt - TX & Deontae Johnson, President of the Black Conservative ConfederationBCF & Maverick PAC

In a recent info session with NABJ's Political Task Force, Black Republican Congressmen Wesley Hunt, a candidate running for U.S. Congressional District 38 in Houston TX, and Deontae Johnson who is the President of the Black Conservative Federation talk about their aspirations to win both the House and the Senate in the upcoming 2022 elections.

“We take conservative principles into non conservative communities” states Johnson. “We believe in engaging and not enraging, to disagree without being disagreeable and we are willing to work with anyone to create solutions that will better help our community.”

Congressman Hunt adds “I come from a conservative family with good conservative values. What it means for me to be a conservative is that there is a way for us to have substantive conversations and talk about the fact that black people are not a monolith. We don’t all have to agree but we could at least have dialogue and conversations that talk about policies that benefit “all of us” regardless of what party and affiliation we may be a part of.”

When asked about their predictions about the U.S. Senate race and Midterm elections Hunt replies “I just want to get into office, do good things, do right by the American people, build on that momentum rolling into 2024 and [for Republicans] to secure the House and the Senate.”

Hunt further expounds by sharing “I’m running in a very “Red” seat, a seat that I think President Trump would have won by 25 points. The senate will be a little different, I’m unsure if this will be a very favorable cycle for the republican party.”

Johnson eagerly expresses his predictions by stating “We are going to have a historic number of Black republicans in the U.S. Congress. The left is coming out [to vote] and I’m seeing a lot of “come ups.” I’m so excited to see this in the senate.”

Johnson adds, “With the rise of inflation in our economy and the amount of crime around the country, I think we will have a one seat majority [in the Senate]. Americans are fed up and are going to be voting in large numbers.”

Regarding inflation Hunt concludes “Under the Biden administration, this is the highest inflation I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime. The cost to buy a home has increased and interest rates are up 400% than they were just one year ago, this is the highest I’ve ever paid for gas in my entire lifetime, we’ve had 4.5 million people come into our country illegally in the state of Texas, and we’ve had enough Fentanyl in our country to kill every American 5x. We are definitely going to take back the House, possibly the Senate.”

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