Fulton County DA Fani Willis delivers warning to alleged criminals, advises public to keep valuables off social media

Tiana Allen

Fulton County DA Fani Willis delivers serious warning to alleged criminals, advises public not to display valuables on social media

By Tiana Allen

Fulton County DA Fani Willis warns heavier sentences to gangs committing crimes in her jurisdictionShopify Partners

On August 29th, District Attorney of Fulton County, Atlanta Fani Willis held a press conference addressing the status of RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) charges filed against members of the ‘Drug Rich Gang’ who according to the DA office, derived in Dekalb County and can be traced back to 2016 with inditements happening since 2018. Willis gives a strong message to its members who have committed a series of crimes in her jurisdiction. “If you thought Fulton County was a good county to bring your crime and bring your violence to, you are wrong and you are going to suffer consequences” Warns Willis.

To date the Fulton County DA’s office made 26 arrests for 16 violent incidents in the county. “They have committed crime everywhere from the south to the north of my county.” Adds Willis who includes “We have identifiers identifying this gang.”

The DA office named a few of the celebrities and social media influencers who were targeted such as Calvin Ridley of the Atlanta Falcons, Brad Guzan of Atlanta United, Marlo Hampton of The Housewives of Atlanta, and the mother to Rapper “Future’s” child, Brittni Mealy, among others. “They target people that show their wealth on social media.” Willis states.

“Here’s a message the public,” Willis includes, “where it is fun to put your things on social media and show off, unfortunately, these gangs are becoming savvier more sophisticated in the way that they target you.”
Willis mentions another strict warning “Get out of this county or expect to see sentences that will go life plus. I am not going to negotiate with gang members, I am not going to allow pleas, we are going to find you, we are going to convict you, and we are going to send you to prison for the rest of your days and I’m not going to apologize for that.”

Willis also assures that she will not cease in using rap lyrics to prosecute alleged criminals. Stating “If you decide to admit your crimes over a beat, I’m going to use it.”

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