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Owner of The Wellness Sanctuary in Atlanta, GA begins Spring 2022 on a Stronger Mission for "Wellness Education"

Tiana Allen
Tiana Allen, Owner of The Wellness Sanctuary,Image Captured by: Mister Overstreet of Ishotcha Media

Tiana Allen is the owner of The Wellness Sanctuary, a healing studio; now branded with an extended name to pair with it's 2022 mission as "Center for Natural, Restorative Therapies." Tiana chose this rebranding because as she states "it just fit what I am doing in this season of my business." Typically, Tiana changes the theme of her company almost yearly as she observes the need for the type of clients who come to her for wellness related services. "At this time," Tiana states "I sense the need to educate others on how they can employ practical tactics beyond the copied and pasted "self care" tenants and what might have been taught by your average "wellness coach." Informing us further about her approach, Tiana explains "The education received at The Wellness Sanctuary, Center for Natural, restorative Therapies, goes much more in depth. I'm talking about teaching leaders how to break out of the bondage that might be holding their emotions, finances, personal development, relationships, etc.. captive. This is about Spiritual Growth and Deliverance."

As passionate as she sounds about wellness, being in the healthcare field was not always Tiana's first choice. "As a child," she stated "I wanted to become a writer/director to create films and stage plays, I also had a proclivity toward journalism and the news. Either way, I thought I'd be a famous writer. It was between this or become a gymnast," she laughs. Despite having childhood dreams of being in the Olympics or writing an award winning film, Tiana began as she states "learning, growing and doing business" in December 2003 when she received a calling to get into the field of Alternative Health. After answering this call, she received a Specialty Certification in Allied Health from The National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, Illinois. After receiving her diploma, medical school was now an interest however, Tiana went on to become a licensed Massage Therapist, working with a mentor in Naturopathic Medicine and further launching her private massage practice - currently known as The Wellness Sanctuary.

After working in the Alternative Health field for a few years, (while simultaneously attending National-Louis University), Tiana started her career as a College Adjunct Instructor, at Northwestern College teaching health related classes. She finished a Bachelors in Behavioral Science, then after, relocated her practice to Atlanta GA where she went to The University of Georgia and gained a Master's in Adult Education, Leadership, Learning and Organizational Development. While still operating her thriving wellness practice, Tiana continued her teaching career as a professor of Adult Literacy, K-6 STEM, Anatomy & Kinesiology, Health Records, SOAP Notes & Documentation, Business, & Social Sciences at various colleges and schools. Tiana even started a short but very eventful 6 year career as a PR & Media Reporter for a digital entertainment news startup and became an author.

Having all this experience under her belt, The Wellness Sanctuary was calling and Tiana found it necessary to focus on the need of her clients. So, in 2011, in an effort to merge wellness and education together, Tiana started The Journey Institute of Wellness, a nonprofit where she wanted to educate the public about alternative health. She also gained an Advanced Certification in Lymphedema Management and Decongestive Therapy from The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. "I spent years treating cancer survivors after Chemo, auto immune disorders, and those recovering from surgeries, but, there were so many of my clients experiencing domestic and emotional abuse right before my eyes," Tiana stated, "I had to do something more about this." In 2013, Tiana launched "Hey Lovely," a yearly event for Survivors of trauma. "This went over very well" Tiana mentions, "I'm happy I switched gears there. It was through this that I saw an even greater need to get into the mental health field."

Now in the throws of receiving yet another Advanced Certification as a BCBA in Behavior Analysis (focusing on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Tiana has worked with several behavioral and mental health organizations to "learn, grow and do" in this arena. "This is why I rebranded my company for this year. I've encountered people battling illnesses (both terminal and curable), unexplainable body pains, emotional stagnation, chronic life issues, to now observing behavior patterns. I'm leaving the mediocrity of just being a "massage therapist" behind and going to a higher dimension in my company. I've always been and have done much more than that, I am an educator and want to be able to train others in a more spiritual sense. When I say spiritual, I don't mean "religiosity," of course God is always going to be the center of anything I do, but I mean teaching people how to explore their lives and negative circumstances, how to overcome them, be the catalyst for change to end generational curses of financial distress, bad relationships, etc... but moreover, learning Somatic approaches mixed with Therapy in order to release all that stress and trauma out of their physical bodies in order to have a sense of emotional freedom and live a life of prosperity as God intended. And, "prosperity" doesn't just mean money."

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