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Tia Lacson

As we bid goodbye to a whole year full of ups and downs, and say hello to a new one with sheer excitement for what’s about to happen– I think one good way to start the year right is to start with a clean slate. I have fallen in love with blogging and you guys have been so supportive which is why I also started this whole new,improved website with a clean slate too.

2014 has been nothing but a blessing and I’m so glad I started blogging last year..You guys have been great! You’ve inspired me so much in so many ways which is why I have decided to improve the whole reading experience I am giving my readers and I really do hope you’ll like it and I hope it’ll inspire you to apply change in your life too! One thing I’ve thought about to give you a better reading experience was to give you guys “quality” pictures and I have been eyeing this new camera and lens for so long, I’m actually buying it as a christmas gift to myself (i got my fingers crossed)and the other was of course to step up my fashion and location game when blogging, which means more travels and better clothes!!

Goals, Goals, Goals! Don’t they just make your heart beat a little faster when you think about them? I’m actually feeling so giddy and excited. Time seems to fly by so quickly but I feel like I just can’t wait for these goals and dreams to finally be true! What’s good when you start fresh is that you open yourself to new ideas, and basically welcome all the change that enters your life but we also have to be very careful in selecting the change that we want to apply.

Just like a blank canvas, this white and beige look is perfect for this topic. I chose a fresh look for a fresh new start this new year and paired it with a Marsala Lip, because it’s this years color of the year and since it’s just so sophisticated. I have a feeling that 2015 is just going to be a great year full of overwhelming and breathtaking opportunities and experiences, and I am claiming it for everyone! For the meantime, I should probably drop by Canon and see how much those lenses are…

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