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Hello, it’s me again! Sharing with you all what my first day in Bali looked like.

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This was all located in Ubud since we stayed here first for two days. We didn’t have a concrete itinerary in mind so we just decided to go with the flow and made what somehow seemed like a “plan”. So we started the day by going to this place that made fancy jewelry and took pictures there since the wall was too adorable and I couldn’t leave without a picture there,then we headed to the coffee plantation since it was the closest thing to where we stayed and along the way discovered how the most expensive coffee in the world was made–the Kopi Luwak, or the civet cat coffee which is made from their well for lack of a better word–sh*t. BUT it tasted great and before you saw “ew” you should probably know that they clean it of course and roast it, and it tasted like pure heaven. What was great about the place was we went in for free, and they gave us free coffee tasting too while we marveled at the beautiful view of the Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

Then we went to this place called Bebek Joni for lunch and tried their duck, which I found quite okay, but what made me so happy was the fresh coconut juice that I enjoyed while sitting on this cottage surrounded by majestic rice paddies that went on forever. After which we headed to Ubud Art Market to look for souvenirs (I somehow noticed I always tend to buy souvenirs on the first day, but I don’t really know why) and I tell you I have never in my life seen so much d*cks being made into ash trays, bottle openers, and what not.

Something I don’t really get, in terms of what the connection in to the balinese or indonesian culture but it was a little “ehh”. Anyway, aside from that though, the place was very fascinating since it was there where they shot “Eat, Pray, Love” the movie, and it was just a nice thought thinking you are now where Julia Roberts once filmed the movie and it was a little something you could tell your friends when you give them your gift, like ” hey, I got that in the place  where Julia Roberts shot Eat, Pray Love”. hahaha!

I made sure I was comfortable and happy with the way I looked while going around so I decided to keep it simple yet fun and still fashionable.There is absolutely nothing I can think of that can go wrong when wearing a romper while exploring an unfamiliar place. It’s the perfect outfit for when you are in places like Bali, and when you feel adventurous. I topped it off with a black and white straw hat to complete my look and I had one huge bag that I got from Burberry where I throw everything in and it matched the color of my hair, so I though it made sense. Hopefully it makes sense to you guys too! Or you can totally just tell me if I sound crazy. Anyway, that’s it as of now and I will make sure to update you guys again as soon as possible, but for now, I’m leaving Bali behind, and I’m dozing off to dreamland!





Hat: H&M

Romper: Factorie

Shoes: H&M



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