Why are you Missing out on Huarache Sandals? How to Stylishly Add Them to your Summer Footwear.



This one goes out to all the folks who hate feet, but still need that summer feet heat relief. It’s time we finally had an equivalent summer shoe option that gives us all the benefits of a sandal and none of the visual horror of actually dealing with exposed toes. Allow me to introduce you to the Nisolo Huarache Sandal.

And yes, I'm giving you this article now so that you can prepare for Summer 2021.

Use with Nisolo Huarache Sandals to expand your summer shoe options!

Typically, I bounce between tennis shoes and loafers, maybe the occasional boat shoe, but still don’t always get the actual relief I need from sweaty summer feet. Yup, that’s right, I have exceptionally sweaty feet and while it’s uncomfortable, you’d probably sooner catch me in cargo shorts before I wear a pair of sandals.

Huarache Sandals are Your Sandal-Hating Solution!

Luckily, before I had to stock up on all those cargo shorts (LUCKILY), I discovered a new summer style last year: Men’s Huarache Sandals from Nisolo. Turns out, Huarache Sandals are basically every sandal-hating person’s dream alternative for the summer. All the breeze, none of the toes.

It’s time to try Huarache Sandals

In the spirit of exploring our style, making it personal, and not letting summer style be a throwaway season, we’re talking all things Huarache Sandals in this blog. I picked these up from Nisolo (not sponsoring this blog) and am using them to tell you why it’s time to reserve a place in your closet for Huaraches.

What are Huarache Sandals? A Brief History

For starters, let’s make sure you’re saying it right! If you’re pronouncing the first “H” you’re a bit off base. The Google pronunciation goes like “wuh-raa-chee.” I had it wrong the first time too.

Huarache Sandals have a long history.


As it also turns out, Huarache Sandals aren’t exactly a new summer style. In fact, the Huarache Sandal dates back to pre-Columbian Mexico and is characterized by the hand woven leather upper.

Their construction and design changed over the history of Mexico’s colonization, particularly with the introduction of cattle and European style tanning.

Huarache Sandal Design has changed over their history.

Huarache Sandals have been made from various materials over their lifetime including more durable tire tread soles. The intricacy of the upper and the materials used differed between classes of society. The Huarache Sandals with more elaborate woven designs were worn by the upper class citizens. Huarache Sandals didn’t arrive to the US until about the 60’s as sort of a hippie shoe at the time.

Nisolo Huarache Sandals Origin

This pair from Nisolo is manufactured in their factories in Peru and Mexico. Nisolo’s CEO discovered them while in Ecuador, and helped modernize the design to make it more comfortable for everyday wear.

Nisolo is using a local work force to continue the shoe making tradition and helping provide working wages to members of the community.

See? Very brief. I have links with more information provided below.

I included this section on the Huarache Sandals’ history so we know what we’re buying and to highlight the cultural significance that our new favorite summer sandals bring with them.

Huarache Sandal Fit and Review

The benefit of the woven leather that defines the Huarache Sandals is that it forms to your foot. Eventually, the sandals fit like a glove, (a foot glove? You get what I mean). There is a bit of an initial break in period as the leather finds its form, but overall the Huarache Sandal becomes very comfortable.

Huarache Sandal Construction.

Aside from the softer, hand woven leather, these Huaraches also come with cushioning in the sole, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a flimsy sandal. There’s also extra soft leather at the heal for additional comfort. Nisolo modernized some of these traditional elements of the Huarache Sandals to make them more comfortable for daily summer wear.

Huarache Sandal Fit.

You’re going to be wearing these barefoot, so think about sizing down. The quickest way to make your feet uncomfortable in Huaraches is to get the wrong size. Too big of a size will cause them to slip off and rub against your feet, and too small will make your feet feel trapped. Go as close to true size as possible in the Huaraches to get maximum comfort.

Nisolo Huarache Sandal Review.

After a short break in period, the Nisolo Men’s Huarache have become my go-to summer shoe/sandal. They’re comfortable for longer, daily wear and my feet can breathe!

I originally ordered a size 10 (my size in Adidas and Nike) but had to trade in for 9.5 so that they wouldn’t slip off. After that change, I’ve had no issues.

Huarache Sandals Colors.

The other smart choice Nisolo made here was to offer the Huarache Sandals in two different neutral colors. This maximizes their versatility, making them a great option for almost any outfit in your summer rotation. I’ve got their options linked here! You can also find these in lots of different colors from artisan crafters.

How to style Men’s Huarache Sandals

Speaking of styling, I wanted to make sure you had 4 easy ways to style your Huarache Sandals right when you get them.

Huarache Sandal Style #1 - Swap them in for your Usual

I always offer an option like this, but try swapping in the Huaraches for your normal shoe or sandal. Don’t change up the usual shorts/denim and tee you usually wear. This one is a no-brainer. They end up being a refreshing twist to an outfit you already wear.

This is the definition of effortless style, because it literally took you no effort to work the Huarache Sandals in to your style. The neutral brown tones I was talking about earlier make this even easier to accomplish. Bonus - switching up the shoes of an outfit you frequent will make it feel new!

Huarache Sandal Style #2 - Switch up Materials


Since Huaraches are very much a summer shoe, try pairing them with some lighter summer fabrics as well. Light cotton chinos or linen pants are going to serve you so well here.

Now, while I normally would advise against sandals and pants (and even just sandals in general) because of the sloppier look of pants breaking at a bare foot, I actually don’t mind them here. The closed-toe design of the Huarache helps with this. For a cleaner look, cuff your pants or make sure they have no break on the Huaraches. That will result in a nice separation between pant and sandal.

Huarache Sandal Style #3 - Refined Summer Casual

This is by far my favorite way to style the Huarache Sandals. Grab a pair of wider or relaxed fit linen pants, a simple tee (in a great color) and a summer, unlined blazer.

The end result is a casual, but refined look that nods to relaxed European style. Huarache Sandals lend themselves nicely to the style.

The key for this kind of look is to have a little fun. Grab some summer pieces that you haven’t worn together before and see if you can make a new combination that is anchored by the Huaraches.

Huarache Sandal Style #4 - Summer Suiting


If you’re already a fan of casual summer suiting, particularly paired with sneakers, I think you’re going to love this combination with the Huarache Sandals. The concept is similar to dressing down a suit with sneakers, but this time we do it with a woven leather sandal.

The Huarache Sandals will look best with seersucker and linen suits in lighter colors. Their woven, see-through design will make the whole outfit feel lighter.

Huarache Sandal Bottom Line

Have fun with the Huarache Sandals. Start with what you know and then make some combinations that are less expected. Summer time gives you the freedom to play with colors and styles. Let your creativity and personality take the reins.

Huarache Sandals - Weaving it All Together

Extra points for that clever title, right?

Summer style does not need to be boring nor do your feet need to suffer because you hate the look of your toes. Huarache Sandals address both of those problems.

Maintaining your personality in summer style requires us to do more with less. That means that we need to look for more unique and interesting pieces that bring personal character and interest to our outfits that before we relied on layers to do in the colder months.

When are you snagging your Huarache Sandals?

Huarache Sandals bring that kind of unexpected design, high quality, AND comfort to the table for summer style. And you didn’t even have to fully expose your feet to get it.

Huarache Sandals History Sources





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