Being Angry is Punishing Oneself, not Being Angry is a Kind of Wisdom

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One day, the sun and the wind were fighting. Wind said: “Let’s compare, see who can get the person in the coat to take off the coat faster.” So, the sun hid in the clouds, and the wind began to blow wildly. When the wind came, people began to fear, but instead, The coat was tightened tighter. The wind stopped, the sun showed a smile, and it was warm like spring everywhere. The person wearing the coat naturally took off the coat and began to enjoy the pleasant sunshine.

The sun said: "Look, gentleness and friendliness are more powerful than anger and violence."

Remember, anger is one of the biggest mistakes you make when interacting with people.

No matter what you need others to do, or what others need you to do, please be gentle and cheerful.

If you have something to discuss, and if you have something to say, you can gain the trust of others, and then others will listen to you.

Why do other people listen to you, not because you are angry, but because you are concerned and grateful?

When you are angry, your appearance is ugly, you tend towards violence, and your words and deeds are scary. How can you get along well?

To put it another way, when you are used to being kind to everything, there will be no people you can't understand and no enemies in your eyes. You won’t worry about other people’s mistakes.

If you can help others in good faith, you will get the support of others.


Learn not to be angry.

There is such a brain teaser: "Who can never make mistakes? The answer is dead people."

If you want to be perfect everywhere in your life and the people around you satisfy you, then you can only live in the dead. Think about it, it's really scary.

How to not be angry? You need to have the wisdom not to get angry.

First, recognize the facts, everyone will make mistakes. "There is no pure gold, no one is perfect?" Everyone is an ordinary person, and there is nothing special about it. Even a saint cannot guarantee that he is perfect.

When you know that all people make mistakes, you can accept the mistakes of others. All mistakes are common, no need to make a fuss.

Second, increase wisdom and self-cultivation. If you can see through, you won't be angry. If you can't see it through, you will be curious, and you will have a one-sided understanding.

I can see through it that life is like the wind, and feelings are like the air. What else is there to be angry about?

Third, think empathy and understand others. When others make mistakes, what do they think and what attitude do they have afterward? "Everyone has different difficulties", you need to be tolerant, not angry.

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To be angry is to punish yourself for what others have done wrong.

Think about it there is nothing in this world that deserves your anger.

When you are angry, you have accepted the mistakes of others.

In a certain family, women and children are often despised. Mothers in this family educate their children every day and write thank-you letters. Most of the content is simple: the wildflowers on the roadside are delicious; the pizza is delicious; the sun is really good.

Later, when the children grow up, they never care about what others do to them, but thank their peers for their help, brothers and sisters for their understanding, and their parents for their upbringing.

This world will not be friendly to everyone, but everyone in the world can be friendly. It is the words and deeds of others that can detonate emotions, as well as your own heart. People are alive, why? For a happy life, nothing more.

No matter what other people do, if you treat yourself with kindness, you are the winner in life.

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