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San Francisco is in Top 5 Rat-Infested Cities According to Report

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Last year the pest control company Orkin released their annual report showing the rattiest cities in the United States. The report is based on occurrences of rats and other rodents in homes and commercial buildings in various cities across the country. It might seem like a dubious honor, but San Francisco ranked 5th on this list.

San Francisco Holds its Position as the Fifth Rattiest City

San Francisco managed to maintain its position from the previous year’s report. While it might not seem like a great accomplishment, it does mean that the city outranks places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Detroit when it comes to the rodent population.

California Cities Dominate the List

Chicago took the top spot as the rattiest city, but another California city, Los Angeles, took second place. This means that California has the rather dubious distinction of having two of the top five cities with the highest rodent populations in the United States.

Orkin’s Recommendations for Dealing with Rodents

Orkin recommends that if you find rats or other rodents in your home or commercial building, you should hire a pest control service. Rodents can spread multiple diseases, such as hantavirus, which you definitely want to avoid. The CDC backs up this recommendation, so if you find that you have a rodent problem, do not hesitate to take care of it.

In Conclusion

If you live in San Francisco or another city on Orkin’s list, remember that you are in good company. Take the necessary precautions to keep your home and commercial spaces free from rodents, and if you find that you have a rodent problem, follow Orkin’s recommendations to deal with it promptly.

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