Backyard Chicken Owners Laugh Off Egg Shortage

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Backyard Chickens are a Source of Self-Reliance During Challenging Economic Times

The recent egg shortages and resulting price surges have been met with laughter from backyard chicken owners. With a hen laying an egg every day, these owners are largely unaffected by inflation and market conditions.

Having a backyard flock or a survival garden has many benefits, especially in these challenging economic times. It’s an example of self-reliance and allows people to save money by providing their own food.

This funny video posted to YouTube illustrates the joys (and economic benefits) of going out to your chicken shed and grabbing some ultra fresh eggs from your own flock.

Reducing the Cost of Feed

Backyard chicken owners have a few options for reducing the cost of feed. Some may choose to let their hens free-range, while others may opt to feed them scraps.

Taking steps to reduce the cost of feed further reduces the expense of keeping chickens, and thus the cost of eggs. When you create eggs from your kitchen scraps, you not only benefit the environment--you create an economic and health benefit for you and your family that's not subject to the whims of government or of inflation.

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Key Takeaways

  • Backyard chicken owners laughed off the recent egg shortages and prices for eggs surging.
  • Backyard hens lay an egg every day, regardless of inflation or market conditions.
  • Owners can let their hens free-range or feed them scraps to reduce cost of feed.
  • Backyard flocks and survival gardens are popular in challenging economic times.

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