The Best Things at the San Francisco Zoo

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The San Francisco Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit in the Bay Area. It's located on the far western side of the city, right by the Great Highway and Ocean Beach, and it's a wonderful place to go with your friends, your family, and especially your kids.

The San Francisco Zoo has all kinds of animals and attractions. I love Penguin Island in the middle of the zoo - it's a very popular place.

They also have a lot of African safari-type animals, so you can get pretty close to giraffes, for example. Over the holidays, you might even catch them eating a Christmas tree!

Some animals get even closer than that. On a recent visit, while I was eating lunch a peacock decided to come in and visit! They roam around freely, so you'll see them all over the zoo.

The San Francisco Zoo also has several different snack bars and places to eat, which is great and a nice convenience factor. There are also some really incredible and unique animals like this koala and others you'd expect to see in the Australian outback, like a giant cassowary - one of the biggest and strangest-looking birds I've ever seen.

Again, one of my favorite attractions there is Penguin Island in the middle of the zoo. It's a great place to take your kids and that's probably my favorite animal attraction there.

However, there's also another one you definitely need to check out: the Little Puffer steam train. You can ride it on a loop around the zoo and it's an awesome thing to do with kids.

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