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I wanted to share a review of Dr. Brown's bottles. I've been using them for about five years now with my three kids, and they're definitely my top choice for bottles.

Here are a few things I like about them:

  1. They have a vent inside, so there are multiple pieces to the bottle.
  2. It's BPA free and made from really solid plastic. It doesn't contribute any kind of tastes or anything to the contents.
  3. There's also a scale on the side of the bottle so you can measure in milliliters or ounces.
  4. The bottle is dishwasher-safe. I've probably washed some of my Dr Brown's bottles over a hundred times.

The vent on the inside of the bottle helps to prevent colic, according to Dr. Brown's website. By allowing air to vent into the bottle, it prevents your baby or toddler from swallowing too much air.

You can use the bottle without the vent, but I always use it because I find it helps a lot. One thing that's a little bit challenging about this bottle is that washing it in the dishwasher can be a bit of a pain. But it comes with a little brush that you can use to clean out the tube.

I usually just break the bottle down into all its parts and put it in a caddy in the dishwasher to make sure it's super clean. The nipple on the bottle is also made from silicone, so it's very strong and easy to wash. I usually just reverse them when it comes time to wash them.

The nipple is also available in different sizes. It starts all the way down at preemie sizes and goes all the way up to size five or higher. The different sizes correspond to the age of your child. You can look at Dr. Brown's website to see the different nipples available.

You can get these bottles at Target, Walmart, or really anywhere that sells baby products. You can have these bottles grow with your child, from preemie to toddler. They can drink milk, apple juice, water, or really anything out of these bottles.

There are a couple other pieces that some people use with these bottles, but I don't personally. They come with a little travel seal that you can put over the nipple to prevent leaks when you're traveling.

There's also a cap that goes on the bottle, but I find it doesn't actually seal it. So if the bottle gets turned upside down, it will leak a bit.

Overall, I really love these bottles. They're easy to put together, easy to clean, and they work great for all different ages.

You can shop for these bottles and my other product picks on my Amazon page. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, which supports my writing. Thanks!

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