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Taste Testing Sushirrito's Latin Ninja Bowl

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Sushirrito, a popular burrito-style sushi place, recently opened at Local Kitchens in Lafayette. Sushirrito has been a big deal in the Bay Area for years now, so I knew I needed to check it out.

The local chain is known for their burrito-style sushi rolls. These are basically like giant, cone-shaped sushi rolls that are rolled up but not cut. You eat one in the same way that you'd eat a burrito, but they have seaweed instead of a tortilla and raw fish instead of meat.

I'm not as big a fan of the burrito sushi combo, but I like that Sushirito also offers many of their dishes as bowls instead of burritos. For my first visit to the new location in Lafayette, I opted for the Latin Ninja bowl.

This creative dish combines both Latin American and Japanese flavors, blending raw salmon cubes with rice and slices of fried plantain. It's a fusion combo that you don't see a lot.

You don't get the seaweed flavor as much here as in the chain's popular burritos. What you do get is a ton of food--this is a big bowl, and earns its approximately $14 price tag. Burritos are usually a fairly inexpensive option, but apparently not when you stuff them with sashimi-grade fish.

Overall, I thought this dish was creative, but next time I'm planning to opt for something a bit more traditional. I liked the concept of the Latin American and Japanese fusion, but I also hankered for some simple soy sauce and a bit of chopped avocado to go with that yummy fish.

Check our Sushirito the next time you're near Local Kitchens, or try one of their other locations around the Bay Area.

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