Raccoons Play With a Tree Swing In Adorable Video Posted by Resident

Thomas Smith

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

East Bay resident Mike W set up a camera to monitor his backyard, including a tree swing. In reviewing footage from the night, Mike got more than he bargained for. Local kids weren't sneaking into his yard to use the swing. Instead, he found a family of raccoons had been coming into his yard for some late-night exercise.

Mike W shared a video from his camera in a post on Nextdoor. The post shows a night vision view of a family of raccoons visiting the tire swing. At first they sniff around the swing, but then each raccoon takes it in turn to grab onto the bottom of the swing and push themselves back and forth.

Normally raccoons, or "garbage pandas" as one resident calls them in response to Mike W's post, usually raid Easy Bay trash cans. But here they seem to have taken a bit of time for some fun, or at least a little exercise.

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Some of the raccoons leap out of the way as others push the swing around. In total, the raccoons play for several minutes on the video that Mike W recorded.

In his post, Mike W shares that he has also seen squirrels play on the tree swing during the day, but the presence of raccoons seems to be a nighttime only occurrence. The post received many positive comments, with people thanking Mike for posting this adorable video. Some people also shared that they had seen raccoons and other wildlife playing on their own tree swing or otherwise enjoying their East Bay backyards.

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