Blippi the Clown Makes $17 Million Per Year on YouTube

Thomas Smith
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Unless you have young kids, you’ve probably never heard of Blippi the Clown. If you do have kids, though, you’ve probably seen Blippi’s videos on YouTube. They feature Blippi — whose real name is Stevin John — wearing colorful suspenders and a hat, and exploring children’s museums, play spaces, and the like. You might have wondered “What kind of adult would dress up like that and parade around on YouTube?”

The kind of adult who wants to make $17 million per year, that’s who.

Yup. Through the amazing power of YouTube, Stevin John reportedly made $17 million from his Blippi videos in 2020. Given how much kids watched content during the pandemic, his earnings are almost certainly even higher today than they were in 2020. He now has a Netflix show and a line of shoes, too. John reportedly gives a lot of his earnings away to charity.

John is a veteran. After serving in the Air Force, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a content creator. He created Blippi himself, and quickly rose to prominence on YouTube. His channel has brought in billions of views, and his net worth is reportedly north of $20 million.

Personally, I’ll all for it. I don’t like channels featuring child YouTube stars, since they feel exploitative to me. Do those kids really understand the long-term implications of having such a public presence? What impact will hateful comments (which as a YouTuber, I know are common) have on them as they develop?

Johns, though, is an adult who has found a wildly lucrative niche in dressing up in a striking way and visiting museums, dropping things into bathtubs to see if they float, and the like. I love that he created his channel himself, and earns more than many A List celebrities. I say more power to him — I have mad respect for Blippi.

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