Would You Pay $7 Per Gallon To Stop Putin?

Thomas Smith

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Would you pay $7 per gallon for gasoline in order to stop Vladimir Putin of Russia from waging an aggressive war? That’s a question that many Americans are either facing now or likely need to face in the near future if the war in Ukraine continues.

Americans are proud people. We stand for values of democracy and self-determination and are willing to stick out our next to help others achieve these things. The war in Ukraine has pushed already-high gas prices to even higher levels. If the war continues, those prices will likely keep increasing.

Part of the reason for the price increases is the fact that America and many of our allies are either banning the importation of Russian oil or trying to move away from importing so much of it. Europe is also trying to reduce the reliance on Russian natural gas. That creates a supply issue, which drives up prices.

Still, many Americans feel that this is essential in order to fight Putin. If we can’t be on the battlefield fighting with bombs and airplanes, we can at least fight economically by enduring higher costs in order to do major damage to Russia's economy. The hope is that this will motivate ordinary Russians as well as those in power in Moscow to reconsider their aggressive war.

So far, the tactic seems to be working, as the ruble has dropped to record lows. Of course, that also means that American prices are in many cases reaching record highs.

How long will Americans be willing to endure this? It’s a tough question, but if historical precedents mean anything, it’s likely that the country will sustain these increases as long as we feel it’s essential to protect democracy. That’s part of being an American, and part of the values that we hold in our society.

What do you feel about this? Would you be willing to pay seven dollars per gallon for gas if it meant helping to stop Putin? Please press the Share button and share this article with somebody you know so they can express their opinion too.

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