How Much Pain Would You Endure to Stop Putin's War?

Thomas Smith
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Russia has nukes, which means that America is very unlikely to engage them directly in war. Instead, we’ve been fighting an economic war instead of one involving bombs and planes.

In order to impose crushing sanctions on Russia and drive down the Russian economy, America and our allies have imposed strict controls on Russian banking, gone after the wealth of Russian oligarchs, and even banned the import of Russian energy. Russia’s economy depends on exporting oil and natural gas, so taking the step is a powerful one.

It also comes with big costs to America in the form of pain for American consumers. Gas prices were already high before the war in Ukraine as a result of supply issues and the pandemic. Now that we’ve imposed sanctions on Russia and driven up the cost of oil in many cases, prices are going even higher. Here in the Bay Area, they often exceed six dollars per gallon.

That begs the question for many Americans: how much pain would you be willing to endure in the form of higher prices in order to stop Putin and his aggressive war in Ukraine?

For many Americans, the answer is that they are willing to endure quite a lot. According to a survey reported in Bloomberg, most Americans say that they would be happy to pay even higher prices at the pump if it meant putting a stop to Putin‘s absurd war. Americans hold values like freedom and self-determination very dear. We’ve proven ourselves in this case willing to make sacrifices to advance those values.

That includes sending troops to places like Poland to prevent further Russian invasions. It also involves enduring pain at home in the form of higher prices at the pump and higher costs for food and other essentials that are disrupted due to the war. Some of those increases were already happening due to structural problems and supply chain issues. But if the war continues in Ukraine and the West continues to stay on the side of Ukraine in terms of providing support, they are likely to get worse. So far, anyway, Americans seem willing to bear that cost in order to advance the cause of freedom and democracy.

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