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Is Trader Joe's Coming to Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

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Trader Joe's, the upscale supermarket chain, evokes tons of positive memories and experiences for many shoppers. The store does very little advertising, yet it has a devoted fan base on social media, many of whom love the chain's bespoke prepared food and playful, local options.

Whenever a new Trader Joe's opens, people tend to get excited and to celebrate. If you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and you love the Trader Joe's brand, I have good news for you (and a reason to celebrate even in advance of the holidays). According to an official announcement from Trader Joe's, a new supermarket is going to open soon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

How soon? According to the announcement, the store is expected to open in 2021--perhaps even in time for some holiday food shopping. The announcement from Trader Joe's says that "Our Crew is working hard so we can open our doors in 2021." That's a tight timeframe to open a new store, with only about a month left in the year, but Trader Joe's is known for working quickly, opening new stores in a matter of months.

Each Trader Joe's store has a theme and decorations connecting it to a local community, and the Williamsburg store will be no different. What mural will be on walls, and what aspects of the historic New York City district will be emphasized? That remains to be seen. Have any guesses? Feel free to share them in the comments and we'll discuss.

What is certain is the new Trader Joe's location. The new store will be at 200 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn. "We've consulted our maps and compass and have found a terrific location for a store in Brooklyn" Trader Joe's said when announcing the location of the new store. That's the kind of playful announcement and wording for which the brand is known, with an emphasis on exploration and discovery, echoing the "Trader" concept in the brand's name.

According to New York YIMBY, the 200 Kent Avenue location is a newly re-developed building that was totally revamped in 2020. It's a dramatic setting, and the owners of the newly rebuild structure were likely looking for an anchor tenant as they develop new retail space. Trader Joe's likely fit the ticket perfectly, as the chain is known for attracting an up-scale, affluent audience of shoppers.

Later this year, the new store will open, if all goes to plan. Until then, Trader Joe's says to "check back for updates" on an official grand opening date.

What are you most looking forward to about the new TJ's in Williamsburg? Share your thoughts in the comments. Think more people need to read this story? Please share it on social media.

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