By a miracle, everyone walked away from this Florida crash where a car flipped upside down

Thomas Smith
Enhanced still from video of incidentVia Youtube

A dashcam video recently posted to YouTube shows a car accident that thankfully reportedly ended with no major injuries, but which could easily have turned deadly.

In the video, a vehicle is shown turning left onto an access ramp to a highway. The access ramp has two lanes. A Jeep drives beside the vehicle in the righthand lane. As it passes, a sedan pulls around the Jeep, appearing to try to squeeze through a narrow gap between the Jeep and the other vehicle in order to move from the righthand lane to the left.

As the sedan turns, the driver appears to lose control of the vehicle. The sedan slams into the concrete rail at the side of the highway, immediately flipping over onto its roof and sliding for a short distance, with its wheels spinning in the air.

Thankfully, everyone reportedly walked away from the crash without major injuries. In the video, a person is seen climbing out of the back of the vehicle, before subsequently appearing to climb back in in order to retrieve what appears to be paperwork. The Jeep drives into a nearby parking lot.

Commentators on several social media sites later reported that the incident appears to take place in Clearwater, Florida, near the entrance to a Costco shopping center. The vehicle may have been trying to move to the left lane in order to access the Costco's parking lot when the crash occurred.

Miraculously, the crash appeared to end with no major injuries. But it could easily have gone differently. If the vehicles had been traveling at a higher speed, the collision with the guardrail could have been much more severe and damaging. Likewise, if the vehicle with the dashcam had not decelerated quickly--or if all vehicles were moving faster--they could easily have hit the sedan after it flipped.

The incident reveals some important tips about road safety. Always leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you, especially when changing lanes. Remember that uphill land changes like the one in the video are especially challenging since your car needs to accelerate to counteract the hill.

Also, remember never to enter a potentially severely damaged vehicle after a crash. The driver appears to reenter the vehicle seeking paperwork, but this is unsafe. Move out of the road immediately and retrieve paperwork later, prioritizing your own safety.

Thankfully, this incident ended relatively well, although commentators noted that the car would likely require extensive repairs.

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