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Gott's in Walnut Creek Rolls Out New Artisan Fried Tofu Sandwich With Bay Area's Hodo

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(Gott's and Hodo's fried tofu sandwich. Credit Gado Images)

Gott's Roadside in Walnut Creek, California, as well as other Gott's locations around the Bay Area, are working with artisan tofu company Hodo to launch a new gourmet fried tofu sandwich. In a time where many restaurants have launched fried chicken sandwiches to captitalize on a demand for fried food during the Coid-19 pandemic, Gott's has gone in a vegetarian direction.

According to a video posted by Gott's and Hodo, Hodo's gourmet tofy uses organic, American-produced soybeans. A representative of Gott's praised the tofu for being more flavorful and environmentally sustainable than other brands. Both Gott's and Hodo are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, so the new collaborative sandwich has a strong local connection.

Some soy products can have a high carbon footprint, because they are processed industrially or imported from other parts of the world. Because Hodo's products are processed in small batches and made from American soybeans, they likely have less of an environmental footprint than these competing products.

On a recent visit to Gott's, a manager at the Walnut Creek store told me that the tofu for the sandwich is soaked in a pickle juice marinade before being fried, which gives the sandwich a subtle pickle flavor. The manager said that sandwich has been popular, and that all Gott's staff members at the store tried the sandwich when it was originally launched, and enjoyed it.

The Hodo fried tofu sandwich joins other new vegetarian items on Gott's Roadside's menu. The chain recently launched an Impossible Chorizo chips and dip, which uses plant-based chorizo along with nacho cheese to duplicate a meat-based dip flavor without adding any actual meat, and while maintaining the dish's vegetarian status.

Gott's likely hopes that the new fried tofu sandwich will offer a vegetarian alternative to customers who want to reduce their meat intake, as well as more vegetarian options for their customers who seek out the chain in order to purchase their meat-free products.

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