Book Review: Join the Christmas Festivities - Sing 'n' Play Your Favorite Holiday Songs

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Renée Bermúdez, a skilled pianist, historical musicologist, and founder of MusArt, has released her book just in time for Christmas this year. This fantastic collection of holiday songs comes with instructions to play the piano and sing along.

The book includes illustrated hand-placement instructions for children and adults alike to learn to play the piano as you sing the Christmas songs. This learning method goes hand-in-hand with her organization’s aim to integrate humanities into the students' core curriculum. The success of this new way of learning has made MusArt a crucial part of many school programs in Arizona, North Carolina, and the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California.

Ms. Bermúdez draws inspiration from her passion for teaching new ways of music. She did not plan to be a teacher, but she instantly fell in love with the art of giving piano lessons. During her career, she noticed that students struggle when asked to learn note-reading and rhythm. That is when she came up with the idea of Sing 'n' Play. She has compiled the most popular Christmas songs in this tutorial book. In addition, the book provides easy navigation around the piano keys to encourage more people to play the piano.

Sing ‘n’ Play is a combination of illustrations and text which will help you clearly understand the flow of piano keys in each song. The explicit description of fingers' position on the keys and their movement makes it very easy for the readers to learn the songs without getting into details of the musical notes and rhythm.

Since not every person who wants to play piano on special occasions is an avid music student, this easy-to-learn and fun-to-play Christmas book will resonate with them. Teachers using Sing ‘n’ Play will find that the easy technique can eventually develop a better pianist if the person gets the initial grip on the hand movements and critical functions in the famous songs.

Each song is presented in just enough detail to make you sit with the piano, gather your family around, and begin to sing and play. In addition, the book includes valuable tips for playing the piano. The songs picked by the author tie everything together to make Sing ‘n’ Play perfect so anyone can play the piano this Christmas season.

We confidently recommend the book to everyone, including teachers, students, parents, and novices out there who are either playing for the first time or trying to get back to the piano after a long time. This book is a fun and easy introduction to guide you in your musical endeavors. The illustrations provided by Ms. Zena Buccola provide a pop of color and lend focus to the overall method.

What’s next?

Ms. Bermúdez aims to write more books like Sing 'n' Play to provide innovative ways of teaching piano lessons.

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