Book Review: Sing 'n' Play makes it easy to play the piano and sing along

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Anyone serious about music would want to learn to play piano and playing songs on the keyboard can be the initial step towards a music career. Renée Bermúdez has written Sing ‘n’ Play with the same perspective. If you are a dedicated and focused yet impatient learner, then Sing ‘n’ Play is just the right music book for you. While some beginner piano guides will frustrate you for their slow pace, this particular book will help the players jump right into piano playing. As a result, anyone can start playing the songs on the piano like a pro without worrying about the complex knowledge of music notes and other intricacies.

Ms. Bermúdez’s Sing 'n' Play makes it very easy for music enthusiasts to learn their way around a piano. The Christmas songs are structured very thoughtfully to cater to everyone, from students to existing pianists who want to refresh their grip on the keyboard. For learners, Sing 'n' Play can be a guide that allows them to begin their journey in the art of playing the piano. On the other hand, the book can be a complimentary guide for some to test their piano skills. This songbook includes words to each Christmas song, exact hand and finger placement, and a lovely drawing that keeps the player engaged. The Christmas songs have been carefully chosen for their likability, ease of playing, and increasing complexity. The pace is engaging for teachers and students alike.
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Ms. Bermúdez includes information at the beginning of the book for those who wish to expand upon their musical journey after the songs are learned. This allows the player to continue further exploring the musical theory, where they will gain the empowerment and encouragement to play piano confidently.

Whether you want to enjoy playing the piano alone or want to boast some skills in front of your Christmas guests, Sing ’n’ Play will come in handy for that occasion. Many teachers have also provided great feedback on how straightforward it is for them to teach students playing the piano on the songs they sing at Christmas events.

The author belongs to a family of music enthusiasts. Her father was a jazz musician, and her grandmother, a classical pianist. Inspired by her family's great love for music, Ms. Bermúdez started piano at the age of two. She completed relevant education to become a historical musicologist, a performer, and an educator. Although her teaching career was not planned, she found great creativity in teaching music to young students. Eventually, she developed the MusArt program, which bridges the gap between the school curriculum and the humanities. As a result, several schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County area of California, North Carolina, and Arizona have incorporated the MusArt programs as an integral part of their core curriculum.

Ms. Bermúdez continues to integrate arts into basic lessons. To promote that ideology, she also lectures parents and faculties to emphasize the importance of combining the arts and core curriculum. Her teaching is based on how teachers should be trained to place the humanities into the 3R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) in the classroom without losing lesson time. She has written Sing 'n' Play in such a manner that classroom teachers can also benefit from its use. Renée plans to expand the Sing ’n’ Play universe by writing more books with the philosophy that if you can sing it, you can play it.

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