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Understanding the Canine Needs

It is necessary to understand the importance of knowing what your pet wants. People often get confused when it comes to the basic needs and training of their fur babies. Even though dogs might seem similar in their behavioral characteristics, it is vital to realize that canines have different cognitive abilities. This is what celebrity dog trainer Nicole Ellis focuses on, enabling people to have a better understanding of their pets.

Training pets can be a tough job, and this includes not just basic food training but also about how to interact with other animals as well as humans. Most of the time, the training can take a lot of time, and just because of that reason alone, pet owners lose their motivation of having a pet altogether.

To free yourself from the hassles of running here and there, screaming after your pets, and eventually getting embarrassed by what your pets do in public; train yourself first. The more you train yourself the better you get at keeping your fur babies active, healthy, and disciplined.

Is Training Important?

Training can be of multiple types, and it is not just about your training but also your pet(s). You can train your pets through different techniques including obedience training, trick training, and production training. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that no matter what you do and how you do it if it does not include love and affection towards your pet, it will eventually go in vain. Think of your pet as a baby; proper nurturing and love will create a strong baseline for development and emotions. If things are done otherwise, the overall personality and grooming might fail.

An essential fact people mostly forget is that even though your canine friends are all cuddly, they are still animals. If you do not train them properly, things can go north in a blink of an eye. This is why it is of utmost importance to fine-tune your pet’s habits. Nicole Ellis believes that training goes both ways. While you are training your pet, you also train yourself, enough to understand the reason why your pet is doing what it is doing.

A question that pops up here is that ‘Who should I trust with me and my dog’s training?’ Well, there are a lot of ways to identify the right person to get your pet trained. Firstly, whoever you choose for the training should be experienced in handling animals. This is perhaps one of the most crucial factors to consider because animals have to be handled properly, if the trainer is not experienced, it will just be a waste of time and energy. This might also ruin the abilities your pet has. To understand your dog, the trainer has to have enough time spent with the canines to know what is specifically needed in individual situations. Secondly, the trainer should have relevant certification/should be authentic. If that is not the case then the trainer might not be considered credible enough to train your pet.

What Impact Does Training have?

When people hear the word training, it sounds cliché but what needs to be understood is that training is needed everywhere, in every field, and in every industry. Similarly, the pet care industry thrives on proper training.

When you train your pet, it not just develops its cognitive abilities and dexterity but also builds a sense of belonging. At the end of the day, pets have emotions just like we do. This is why Nicole Ellis of MaggieandNicole ensures your dogs are trained with utmost care yet at the same time professionally looked after.

There are different ways to train your dogs. Various video tutorials of Ellis are available over YouTube that gives a detailed review of how to train your dogs in different ways. Ellis also emphasizes on training your dogs through different toys because toys are not just something dogs play with, it also develops their brain functionality, eventually boosting their growth.

There are several products available for canines, ranging from shampoos to toys. Ellis, collaborating with different vets, has made products that are friendly as well as easy to use for dogs. A lot of products are available over the internet but not all are functional or worth it. Products offered by Maggieandnicole are of top quality with proper functionality, ensuring everyone is satisfied.

Looking Into the Future

It is important to understand how to treat your pets today, to improve what you are doing right now, and to eventually understand how you will go into the future. Just like your children need education, love, nurturing, and direction, your pets need all of that. If your pets are properly trained, they will be able to act in a socially acceptable manner all the time, not just when they want to.

Take your pets outside, exercise with them, and help them achieve the health they deserve; both physical and emotional.

There is increased awareness amongst people regarding the health of dogs and animals in general and because of this, people are wary of mistreating animals, decreasing the number of animal abuse. Ellis is big on animal rights and focuses on improving the overall structure for all kinds of animals, helping people adopt them as pets. All of these have helped Ellis earn a positive reputation amongst pet owners and in the industry in general. She was also invited to different TV shows to raise awareness towards dogs and has talked at multiple conferences to help the pet care community through her expertise.

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