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Wallethub and other Wallethub extensions have total search inquiries reaching into the 10’s of millions each month. But searching any service of Wallethub and you will notice that you are only being provided services from this company that doesn’t really follow the law and what you have the right to do (that is if you know your rights). In all actuality, getting free services or paying for and allowing Wallethub to be your end-all for your life solutions because you want to buy something or look better on paper is the wrong way to think. But Wallethub would have it no other way. In fact the companies you are trying to do business with or get some service or product from find pleasure in you always thinking like this a.k.a. a debtor.

From preschool to college we are taught to view living on the gameboard of the United States as the game-piece called ‘debtor.’ Indeed, they did not stop slavery for a group of people they called blacks. No, they sophisticated the system of slavery, relabeled the slave a ‘person,’ have us living in corporations and made slaves of us all through the 14th Amendment. Everything in America is based on some financial market yet we never leave high school or college knowing real-life applicable ways to thrive in those markets without taking on debt. We never learn ways to buy a house without a loan (mortgage debt) or know that America has been under a legal state of emergency since the civil war and what that means. We don’t know what Public Policy is in contrast to private rights and we never leave high school knowing how to pay our debts through the abrogation of the gold standard and our longtime rights to it. See your right to draw upon your claim and Interest in the Gold reserves at value, held by the Treasury of the United States, and your deficiency payment caused by the WAR AND EMERGENCY ACT (Executive Order(s) 2039 and 2040), under public policy (private law) of the “New Deal” Cheap Food Policy (and others). Which ties into Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the Constitution and we are not even taught (on purpose of course) that the UNITED STATES is a corporation and NOT a country and is separate from America-

The Legislative Act of February 21st, 1871, Forty-first Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, page 419, charted a Federal corporation entitled “United States,” a.k.a. US Inc., a “Commercial Agency” of what was originally designated as Washington D.C. US Inc. is a corporation of the international bankers, Queen of England et. al., and outside the Constitution see earlier Black’s Law Dictionary the dictionary Judges and Prosecutors use

Nor do we know how to open a private bank account to protect and grow our money. Our semi-real education usually comes later in life through some guru and an infomercial on how to get rich. For the most part we are educated to be clueless. Maybe because the same group of people who have designed our dumbing-down educational process also designed our financial systems that have us thinking our creditors are the only one’s with rights when they are in a transaction with us. Everything we have been taught makes us only recognize that we need a good job and that we should keep our credit good as a life goal which is only a working model that supports the 1% elite of the world. This is why searches are so high for Wallethub instead of for the NCLC, (more on them in a minute). Subscribe to this News Break platform to Check for my other articles for how to get real estate without debt and no credit needed and how to beat foreclosure.

Any intelligent person especially one who calls themselves a good business person will also have a good and superior understanding of his or her rights under any law. Knowing your rights means freedom. In many cases knowing your rights helps your adversary to correct their own mistakes so knowing your rights is a good thing. In this treatise you will be taught your superior position to express some of your rights for your own enrichment which is in conflict with the business model of Wallethub.com.

I suggest that you leave Wallethub.com for the rest of the slaves who don’t have hustle and honor in them and who want to ‘Pay Along To Get Along.’ For the rest of us let’s explore what I did and still do for big money and to maintain my credit score that is far superior to any service Wallethub.com can offer you and you will achieve better results.

In my education I never had the desire to be an attorney. This is because I know from experience that many attorneys are not the type of human beings in character I want to hold myself out to the world to be. In my above-average street education looking from the outside in at the law industry I know that attorneys don’t have an exclusive right to knowledge of the law and there have been many court precedence that have said this is so.

To explain how I got all this money I have to say what led up to this big payday and new skill of living knowledge for me. When I was in an advanced engineering program I was offered an equitable position in a lucrative real estate deal. Being fresh out of high school and like most people, I immediately began thinking of who to get a loan from. This led me to fill out all the credit card applications that a good college student usually gets in their mail box. I paid only one application fee for a card that seemed easy to get but this advertising card company never sent me the card. Regardless, I was able to take timely advantage of the deal without this new credit card.

Speed forward 5 years later and I was offered to buy a bar from it’s owner who had it for 35 years. He wanted to ensure I could get a loan relatively quickly to pay him off. This triggered my mind to get a recent copy of my credit report. I got a copy of my credit report directly from Equifax and I noticed a lien against all my money from a debt collection company I later learned was an attorney firm that buys debt. I made some calls to this attorney firm and here's what I later found out. Apparently their debt they claimed to hold and that I owed them was based on when I applied for that credit card as a college student studying engineering a few years prior. I recalled applying for the card but I also knew that the advertising credit card company never sent me the card I was approved for. I called and complained about never receiving the card but to no avail. The advertising card company kept my $45 application fee and quietly disappeared. Website gone as well as their 1-800 number. Since this was the card they were referring to I knew the amount they demanded was a fat stinking lie from these really big people. At that point what could I do? I did not know my rights like I do now. All I knew was I paid the application fee of $45. In my ignorance I mentally reasoned and accepted that the original company stole my $45 but at least I don’t have any credit card bills coming every month. This is a cop-out most Americans will do simply because they don’t know how to express their rights and fight back (which pleases credit administration platforms like Wallethub.com).

In your experience you’ve had this same problem or maybe you were told that you owe a mortgage, student or car loan or medical bill debts. Whatever the issues were that led you to think you need the services of wallethub.com were blessings in disguise because your search brought you here.

Now you should get the jest of what happened. If not here’s how it went and normally goes. All scams are not coming just from Nigeria. A great many are based right here in America, by Americans, against Americans and if you don’t know your rights a court won’t side with you, mama, daddy, attorney, wallethub.com or not so forget what you’ve seen on TV. So when I never got the credit card I assumed the deal was over and there was nothing else I needed to be concerned with. I got scammed by some really nice, well dressed people but oh well. But in everything we do in our everyday lives as Americans we are dealing with markets of trade and transactions and we don’t recognize it. In these markets anything can be given value and sold off to another party. Put this with the fact that most people think the green paper federal reserve note (debt instrument) is the only money in the U.S., and you see how we Americans are in bad trouble. There are several other alternative forms of money many States use and I’m not talking stocks, and bonds and that are traded by those in the know and that were around long before Bitcoin was even thought of.

In short, this advertising credit card company we will call American Scammers University (ASU) LLC., sold my account (the information I gave them in the card application) to a debt collecting attorney firm-company we will call ‘I Got My Degree So I Could Officially Lie To People (IGMDSICOLTP) LLP. IGMDSICOLTP LLP., claimed to have sent me debt notices demanding payment. When I didn’t respond to their letters (because they didn’t have my correct address) they sued me in some rinky dink county court and won (because I didn’t know about them or the case). That judgment and order for garnishment is what showed up in my credit report. This meant that any money I went out and made doing anything would have been automatically taken to cover the amount they were owed. In this case that amount they claimed was $9000.00. Imagine if I graduated summa cum laude but was struggling in life with children in tow living on the edge barely making enough to get by and as soon as I land a job my first check and all checks thereafter gets taken by my employer due to the criminal lies of ASU and IGMDSICOLTP. Believe me these are real-life everyday situations and wallethub.com is NOT going to help you.

Now let me point out something here. Compare my same problem to the problem you have in your report after you have pulled it with wallethub.com. It is all the same whether you actually owe someone money or you don’t, the law still sides with you. It is at this point that you would have relied on wallethub.com only and by the statistics of averages of the everyday American, you would have called the debt collector attorney firm and tried to make arrangements with them to pay on this colorable debt because you need a high credit score to get something like a nice apartment or a car. Well this is what they are hoping.

This is the point that separates me, one of the wealthy people, from you, one of the working-class. Who needs a free credit report just to look at when you can download them every month in a strategy to get paid from them!? Who needs to buy their way to a better credit rating when all they have to do is what U.S. Congress tells them? You can say all the bad things you want to about our American government. In many instances you may be right. But for the most part both the republicans and the democrats have setup the opportunity for the average American to express their rights, enrich themselves and not be railroaded by the corporations. You may be one of the millions of people who searched for wallethub.com today using the search terms or similar above but your search engine brought you this article in your results. Oh how blessed you are.

So I complained about IGMDSICOLTP to a friend and she informed me of a consumer group called National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) and how they had processes and books that could make me more powerful than any company. This is what I am about to tell you in full here and its priceless in its value to you and will stay with you for your lifetime.

If you don’t think attorneys can be sued think again. Like everyone else yes they can and the special Federal laws I hit IGMDSICOLTP with were the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Collection Practices Act (TCPA). These laws issued directly from the government are aimed at attacking the PERSON/COLLECTOR who is the ‘REPORTER’ of financial information to the 4 credit bureaus Transunion, Equifax, Experian, and Innovis. These laws work best when your original holder of your debt sold it to a third-party and they are threatening you and/or the debt was already extinguished but they are still coming after you. These laws stipulate mandatory steps your so-called creditors must take when you challenge them on what they say is owed. The following is how I get the big paydays:

Step 1. Pull the credit report from all major bureaus including Innovis based in 250 E Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 through a service called Privacyguard.com or similar and not Wallethub. For Innovis you’ll have to write them directly. Download a copy of your credit report from privacyguard.com each month. This is called a soft pull and will not effect your credit score.

Step 2. So you pulled your credit report and see you have problems. Bummer. No worries. The point is now you can see what issues exist that are affecting your score in a bad way. The most current line item will knock your credit score the most by up to 50 plus points for each line. Older accounts that are derogatory will affect your score by 20 plus points if for example they are over two years. You may want to go after your newest line item claimants first to get a higher credit score quicker but I go after my oldest line items first simply because I want to make money off of their violations against me before they have a chance to get away and discharge from my credit report. Either way, with each soft-pull per month you will be mounting up payable violations against all derogatory 3rd party debt collectors.

3. Your next step after identifying what line item claimant (colorable creditor) you are going to go after first is to send them a ‘Notice of Dispute’ something similar to the following:


I have recently pulled my credit report and have found you in it reporting derogatory information. I don’t know who you are nor do I know for what reason you feel you can report any kind of information in my credit report. I don’t know how you got my name and social security number and I furthermore demand that you investigate your business practices regarding my personal information and get out of my credit account as soon as possible.


Debt Slayer

2114 Coming to Get You Ln.

You Will Soon Owe Me, Wyoming, 33122


Sign this with your real information and send out to your debt collector by certified mail which should cost no more than $3 to $5 and give them 45 days to respond to cover mail delivery time. But you are not looking for a response by mail as much as you are by credit report. I mean, if they follow the law you should see a ‘disputed quotation’ next to their line item in your credit report but you will rarely see this because they don’t want to follow the law.

Also send a copy of this Notice to each credit bureau your 3rd party debt collector is reporting to. They may not be reporting with all four bureau’s they may be only reporting in two for example.

I can almost guarantee they will return a communication to you saying “we have performed our investigation and we are reporting it correctly. The credit bureau may tell you this as well. Both the bureau and the debt collector have spent less than 5 days investigating and they only sought to see if the name and address match up. When they respond in a short period with no marking in your report they have now proven to you that they have not marked the account in dispute and you have it in their own writing.

In your Notice of Dispute or any communication to the debt collector never give them your SSN# and any other personal information other than your name. Don't help them in their fraud. They are supposed to be telling you if they have the right person so never offer yourself up.

4. Next decide what court you want to use to get your big payday. Your choices are your local federal court or your local small claims court. Don’t be afraid to go to court in this situation. “It is an unconstitutional deprivation of due process for the government to penalize a person merely because he has exercised a protected statutory or constitutional right.” United States v. Goodwin, 457 U.S. 368, 372, 102 S.Ct. 2485, 73 L.Ed.2d 74 (1982) People of Territory of Guam v. Fegurgur, 800 F.2D 1470 (9th Cir. 1986)

If money is wanted by the Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the people, they [people] may retain it until their grievances are redressed, and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions or disturbing the public tranquility” Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774 October 26th

Nothing can happen to you. You are there as a plaintiff and creditor to collect your money judgment the same way they did you. These types of filings are called truth-in-lending filings and you may have an attorney or not. Surprisingly each time I’ve done this I have never stepped foot in the courtroom nor have I seen a federal judge. I always get a settlement offer a few months after filing my complaint form.

It is interesting to note that some small claim court systems in the incorporated states have money award maximums of $15,000 or $25,000.00 and this money can take only 6 months or less to get. This type of easiness and speed may make small claims court ideal for you if you are a professional or college student and you don’t have much time to devote to this process or you need the big money payout right away. Just web search your states maximum money award limit in small claims court and your small claims court local rules. I always say small claims court is better than the lottery!

With whatever court or mediation process you choose you may be asked to pay the process fees upfront. No worries for federal court this may be around $400 but they have a form called ‘Application To Proceed Inpauperis.’ They will provide this if you ask and once you fill it out it will inform the court that you are a pauper (poor) and cannot afford the court fees at this time. I fill this form out all the time but I never ask the court to allow me to proceed WITHOUT paying the fees. This is because I want the full cooperation of the court. I always write somewhere on this form that “I am requesting the court allow me to pay $25 per month towards the courts $400 fee.” It is unnecessary to try to pay more than this per month. You should be able to handle this monthly amount if not ask to be allowed to pay $5 per month. Whatever reasonable amount will more than likely be accepted by the court or mediator. Keep in mind also that most court districts will have a pro se office too to help guide you through this procedure.

If you are using a small claims court or your court has no form to fill out to request reduction in court fees, here is my template I often use when I encounter the same: https://sites.google.com/view/affidavit-of-indigency/home

Gather Your Evidence: Instead of using wallethub.com use a service such as privacyguard.com or similar. Privacyguard.com allows you to do a soft-pull every month among other things and it won’t affect your credit score.

These processes and the consumer laws they are based on are very simplistic and direct. You are simply there to show what consumer laws were violated and you have evidence (copies of your report) from privacyguard.com to show those laws were violated every month from the time you disputed the account.

5. The Smackdown. So you’ve caused the federal law to trigger against the debt collector. You pulled your report for however many months. You let the money damages add up and now you are ready to get to your payday in small claims or federal court.

The complaint itself can be written using examples from nclc.org or examples found in your local college or courthouse law library so I will not include a sample here. What I will give you here is my Wherefore paragraph because you will not be able to find these codes and put them together with the status of Private Attorney General like me anywhere else. This is what I used for my payday:

WHEREFORE, the Defendant has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Plaintiff demands justice in the amount of $100,000 for the violations of the FCRA, plus all the costs of this action along with punitive damages in the amount of $150,000.00 or as the court may allow along with Private Attorney General Fees of $3000.00 as prescribed by law Graziano v. Harrison 950 F.2d 107, 113 (3d Cir. 1991), 15 U.S.C. sec. 1692k(a)(3), see Zagorski v. Midwest Billing Services Inc. F.3d--(1997 WL 695401, 7 Cir.) or 128 F 3d 1164 (7th Cir., 1997).

Private Attorney General status means you are going to get an extra $3000 on top of your settlement because you are not filing your complaint against your debt collector simply on your behalf. You are filing this form on behalf of other people in your same condition. Your debt collector has done this to other unsuspecting people like you and you don’t want this to happen to anyone else. You don’t even have to know the other people. Look up and study the power of being a Private Attorney General.

To trigger your automatic Private Attorney General status you simply add these magic words behind your name when you write it on the Plaintiff line of the court petition form: Your Name Last Name, and those similarly situated BOOM. There’s the extra $3000.00. See the case above. Are you loving me yet. Are you going to name a child after me?

In your petition against the debt collector you will always want to include a statement entitled verification. A Verification is required by some courts in their Local Rules to be attached or written into the body of your complaint somewhere noticeable and legible. Attorneys cannot file one of these, but you can. This document should always be filed whether the rules state it or not and should always be notarized before filing. I am giving you knowledge the way the clever reader needs to have it written to easily get your 800+ credit score and get paid to do it in this article for free. The verification can be written in several different ways and like everything else expressed in this article, an example of it can be seen on the internet.


I, Jane Doe, (Defendant/Plaintiff), pro se, in this matter affirm, and do hereby solemnly declare, say, and state: (1) Defendant is competent for stating the matters set forth herewith; (2) Defendant has personal knowledge about the facts stated herein; (3) everything stated in this (Truth-in-Lending Petition), is the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth and all stated is correct, complete, and not misleading.

I have read and understood the attached foregoing (Truth-In-Lending Petition), filed herein, and each of the facts alleged herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge

Further Affiant sayeth naught _______________________

As a note in this petition to the court I always use the Truth-In-Lending laws above under another federal law. That law is 42 U.S.C. 1983. Everything the debt collector does is done under the color-of-law of the corporate U.S. or your State and automatically violates your constitutional rights. This is why it is important to know that the U.S. and your State are corporations and NOT nations. They exists only on a piece of paper in Washington or your capital and deal only in codes and statues NOT laws. The Constitution is the only real law. Wealthy people know this and use it to our advantage. This civil rights law allows for you to include those constitutional damages in this petition against your debt collector which increases the amount you will seek and get as a settlement (or by jury decision if you want to take it that far).

In my first case I sued IGMDSICOLTP for $50,000.00 in the federal court of Atlanta and requested a federal jury trial and only studied what to do for 3 months prior. The whole time I never stepped in the court and never saw a judge. 10 months later after they saw all my copies of my credit reports proving the violations I mention here and more, I was on the phone with IGMDSICOLTPs’ attorney where he asked me “how much do you need to make this go away.” I told him my number but here is the other thing you must know. I told him I needed his client to get out of my credit report and also report to all the bureaus that the line item was fraudulent from its beginning. Once this was done he wrote the motion to the court to dismiss the case and my credit score jumped up into the beginning 700’s by IGMDSICOLTP reporting to the credit bureaus on my behalf in my favor. Thus, I just got paid to increase my credit score! I must say that when that $12,000 check came in the mail it was at a time that I needed it. IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR RIGHTS YOU DON’T HAVE ANY! I used this process and nclc.org to go after everyone in my report even parking tickets and each year I average what a doctor makes because I use this process for everything in my life.

Don’t chase a thief to pay him to give you back your stuff. Do to him what he’s done to you. Fair exchange is not robbery. Leave wallethub.com and just try this instead. You’d be surprised. Some of your enemies were just waiting for you to wake up all along so they could help you, it’s true. I know what you are thinking my new friend, you are welcome.

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