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Child support. A popular term searched over 300,000 times in the State of Texas monthly as the U.S. child support model takes hold globally. The down fact however is that outside of attorney ads, the search results will only show how to participate in the system and you won’t find self-help information for the parent seeking more information to protect their rights until now.

Think the electric and gas industry are the only one’s taking advantage of Texans? Think again with serious thought this time. As you read this imagine some child support investor in his home listening to ‘Money for Nothing’ by Dire Straits. In everyone’s emotionalism they say just shut up and pay your child support” But what if child support is a scam by some really big important people? What if it could be paid off today in full? This article has nothing to do with child support being an important element of raising a family when the parents are separated. No this article is a little deeper than that. This article provides knowledge for those millions of Texas parents to help them better understand just who it is that their paying in the Texas child support system. It proves Texas child support is a wall street scam and that family court investors need your family to be dysfunctional so that we can make millions.

To understand this you must realize that Privatization of government is big business and in fact has saturated political offices in Texas already. Where you think you are dealing with a public official you voted for, you are really dealing with a Fortune 500 contractor dressed in official uniform. Failure to disclose this to you is intentional. They will assume the position of judges, family mediators etc.. Now, ever wondered why you sometimes don’t get 100% of the money sent by the other parent? How about if you sent cash in for a child support payment but got paid in digital numbers on a card, what happened to the cash? It may be hard to imagine or even a tough pill to swallow but the sad truth is that child support in Texas is nothing more than a state scheme sponsored by wall street. As a guilty observant to some of these schemes I have had enough and want to reveal to you how profitable your family members really are. I spell it out all for you right here through 2 foundational facts about Texas child support; 1) It was NOT created by the United States government or Texas like you think and guess what? 2) IT CAN BE PAID OFF IN FULL IN 72 HOURS WITHOUT THE GREEN STUFF WE CALL MONEY AND WITHOUT THE PAYING PARENTS PARTICIPATION SO THAT YOU AND YOUR CHILD CAN EAT TODAY!

First Fact. Before welfare reform became a bill pushed on President Clinton by the Republicans it was an articulated system drafted in the halls and board rooms of the Lockheed Martin Company. YES, the same people who make weapons for the military, orchestrated and designed the market for child support you know today. They had a child support division they called Lockheed Martin IMS. This division later sold to Darwin Deason and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) which made him a billionaire. That division of ACS was later sold to Xerox which currently processes child support payments as a State Disbursement Unit (SDU). In Texas the chosen private contractor for our SDU is ‘Systems and Methods Inc, a Xerox competitor. For part of your research and for a good read See “Welfare Reform Division” of Lockheed Martin IMS provided child support processing and other government services. Sanger, M., The Welfare Marketplace, Brookings Institution Press (2003).

First fact proven just look it up. Unbelievable? Not really when you understand that the UNITED STATES is a corporation separate from America and NOT a country like millions have been led to believe.

The Legislative Act of February 21st, 1871, Forty-first Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, page 419, charted a Federal corporation entitled “United States,” a.k.a. US Inc., a “Commercial Agency” of what was originally designated as Washington D.C. US Inc. is a corporation of the international bankers, Queen of England et. al., and outside the Constitution see Black’s Law Dictionary the dictionary Judges and Prosecutors use

Since this is true, you should know that as corporations the U.S. and Texas’s sole mission is to create streams of commerce for the queen and other elite families of the world where wealthy people like me are allowed to invest in municipal, prisoner bonds and other commercial paper under the statutory codes (law) of the sub-corporation State of Texas. This includes all commercial paper issued by any local family court such as IV-D and non IV-D compliant negotiable instruments.

Texas parents are taken advantage of by corporations that privately own products such as Smart ePay which is marketed as a Texas owned system but in reality belongs to SMI. Parents can prove much of what's stated in this article by researching the child support patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. By design of the patents and as early as the switch-over began, when you examine them you will see they are based on an Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF). Where ETF and a clearing-house banking system exists, NO actual Federal Reserve Notes are needed to carry out the payment cycle to the custodial parent. So let the court order a $100,000 a month payment. Just show you what address to use for discharge and the child will get that money in a few days! Unbelievable? Read on.

The Texas SDU is the beginning of the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) process and there sits in the process a series of 3 to 7 banks (clearinghouses) who each monetizes your one payment before they send it to the FedACH. The FedACH in turn does not pay the custodial parent those funds because they still physically sit in the States bank account. What was sent to the Federal Reserve (another private corporation, see the Creature From Jekyll Island) was their payment. What they send to the custodial parent is actually a payment from the custodial parent’s right to to draw upon his/her Interest in the Gold reserves at value, held by the Treasury of the United States, and her/his deficiency payment caused by the WAR AND EMERGENCY ACT (Executive Order(s) 2039 and 2040), under public policy (private law) of the “New Deal” Cheap Food Policy (and others). Remembering that the U.S. has been operating under a state of emergency since the civil war then you can understand how the custodial parent gets a check in the disguise of a child support payment which was nothing more than credit under the federal law that belonged to the custodial parent anyway.

Don’t believe this knowledge? Do what small groups of parents are doing and AUDIT your child support case. Audit it regardless if you receive or collect payment in the child support system. To do this find a forensic auditing firm and pay them to come in and do a forensic audit on your child support case. But don’t just audit your case, audit your social security number to see who has been making money off of you your whole life. Do the SSN# of your child as well. When your audit comes back you will see that 90% of all financial schemes of wall street occur in your homes and not some building in New York where they only trade in pork bellies, etc.! Where all these terms and understandings may be new to you then good! This is you getting the knowledge you need on the level of Texas big-wigs such as Goldman Sach’s which is what they don’t want. Where your children are involved you should definitely question legal processes and run your own audits no matter who tries to talk you out of it.

While your auditors are running their financial audit to tell you where your money is going and to tell you what address to use to pay your child support off in a few days let’s review the ACS and JPMorgan patents. If you want to look them up See Child Support Patents United States Patent Nos. 5,946,669 – 6,119,107 – 7,225,155 – 6, 567, 821 – 7,072,909 and 7,174,315 – 6,615,190 – 7,165,049.

How are all these groups able to make money and the custodial parent still receives some small amount monthly? The answer lies in another question that you should be asking about the Social Security Act of 1935. The question is “Why do they keep amending the Social Security Act? Now comes the ultimate answer – Because there is credit (money) there belonging to each citizen. The Texas child support system is rooted in the federal social security act that began under president Roosevelt. You see this in your child support case where your local incorporated family court will call it a IV-D or Non IV-D case. This means Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D with its surrounding sections. See the real truth that we are not taught in the American school system because the same people who designed our financial markets designed our educational system is that social security does not need to be paid into. It is a law that holds a monetary remedy for each and every individual in America. Why? Because they stole your gold and didn’t want to give it back even when heroic senators like Louis McFadden threatened them with imprisonment. Anybody remember Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the Constitution? Hmmm! Read the original Social Security Act.

Fortune 500’s know this. We know you have a right per Title 26 to a claim. You have a ‘credit’ or bank account in your name that you were never told about that was given to each child born in this land. Access to this account can be easily done through YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC SERVANT and U.S. courts fund themselves with this Act everyday based on the defendant or in your case the OBLIGOR and his or her SSN#. It’s criminal and it’s true.

So why did Lockheed Martin IMS tie a new child support concept to the Social Security Act? Because it’s credit (debt dismissal) there that belongs to every child and parent. But instead of giving it to you so that your child can eat, they created instead a market with your credit that feeds child support investors all over the world. So the SSA is not what you been led to believe it is. It was a way to reconcile of all the debt you as a Texan will go out and create but your leaders won’t tell you how to use it. Remember when the SSA was first implemented it was intended only for whites and not blacks. This is one of the reasons why the terms black and white came into creation. These are commercial terms, not terms that describe anyone’s race. See Blacks Law dictionary 4th edition. All you have to do to get the hidden knowledge is read. Don’t read another romance novel. Don’t read another political post. Read the history of your land and my series of articles on this News Break platform after you subscribe to it.

Now, put this knowledge in this article in real-time perspective. Have you ever received a debt demand from Texas child support enforcement especially in paper form? Okay, did you notice that the little tiny words at the bottom said ‘PAYMENT COUPON’ and said cutoff this portion and send it back with check or money order? If you have ever done this you have just paid the Texas child support system twice in one transaction. Once with your personal check or money order you sent in and again with the bond paper you just detached and remitted. See Business and Commerce Code, Negotiable Instruments and Funds Transfers.

You are inundated with commercial terms everyday but you were taught to dismiss them as if they really don’t mean anything. For example, you know from your basic understanding of what a payment coupon is. You know it gives whoever holds it something for free or a discount. Maybe a new pair of Nike’s, free Hypnotic Donuts or a discount at your chosen grocery store. The word coupon in reality, is NOT a generic word. It is a word originally meant to define a tradeable security or note the same as on wall street. Just web search the definition of a ‘coupon.’

Yes wall street is all over your child support case and they are making money from more than just the little sum you pay towards the digital numbers. So while you are mad at the father or the mother of your child and while you curse them out and punish them by not letting them see their child because they didn’t pay support for the month, know that the courts, the state of Texas and other private investment agencies could assist you in ‘discharging’ your child support under federal law at any time. This is especially true since there is more than just one form of money in the United States but the masses are only coerced into using federal reserve notes. The united States knows and now you know (if you’ve audited your SSN#) that your child support could have been paid in full at any time if it wasn’t for their greed and your laziness to learn. Whatever happened to ‘OccupyWallstreet Movement I wonder?

Fathers especially are under attack by the financial system and when parents understand that the State of Texas is NOT a republic but a franchise with a EIN and that the courts are franchised entities like McDonald's franchises and that ALL so-called law in the State of Texas comes directly from the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) then that parent will begin the process of freeing themselves and their children from this NEW system of peonage and I have no problem saying that.

I suggest you have no reaction to this sincere article. I suggest that if you are any kind of parent and want to pay the child support off in full today so your children can eat that you investigate all the players involved. Such as who is Systems and Methods Inc.? Of course they have a mission to put family and relationships first. Of course they are dedicated to your success. Don’t all corporations say that? Who are they really? What are they doing in child support and where does the money come from to pay them? Hmmm. Might get interesting and your audit may be the best mystery novel you ever read.

I also suggest in effort to free and empower yourself that you study the wall street child support terms, Lockbox address, Clearinghouse and study billionaire Darwin Deason, ACS, Payment Coupon and do not let some attorney talk you out of it. The child support market is just like the real estate foreclosure market. You will find many law firms represent themselves as debt collectors investing in the homeowners loss of their homes. Also get an etymology dictionary in your home so you can better understand the true origin of the words you use today like the word ‘driver’ and ‘humble.’

And at all cost and effort AUDIT your social security number and the social security number of your child. And don’t be mad at your findings from what comes back. Truly they were dooping you all these years but now you’ve been blessed to read this article and you know how to move forward to enrich your family and interact with your local PUBLIC SERVANTS the right way. These people are not sitting next to you in church and they don’t worship what you worship. Do what they don’t want you to do and remember Article 10, Section 1, Clause 1 is still there so start using!

This Judge said “The idea prevails with some, indeed it has found expression in arguments at the bar, that we have in this country substantially two national governments; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all of its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside the independence of that instrument, by exercising such powers as other nations of the earth are accustomed to…I take leave to say that, if the principles this announced should ever receive the sanction of a majority of this court, a radical and mischievous change in our system of government will result. We will, in that event, pass from the era of constitutional liberty guarded and protected by a written constitution into an era of legislative absolutism. It will be an evil day for American liberty if the theory of a government outside the supreme law of the land finds lodgment in our constitutional jurisprudence. No higher duty rests upon this court than to exert its full authority to prevent all violation of the principles of the Constitution.” – Downes v. Bidwell, 182 U.S. 244 (1901).

Wow, America the republic v. U.S. the corporation owned by Queen of England and others. Truly they did not stop slavery. They enlarged it. Don’t chase a thief to pay him to get your family back. Do to him what he’s done to you. Fair exchange is not robbery. Leave their ‘Pay Along To Get Along’ system alone and Audit them today instead. You’d be surprised. Some of your enemies were just waiting for you to wake up all along so they could fight for you. It’s true. I know what you are thinking my new friend, you are welcome.

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