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After recently watching Everything Everywhere All At Once I finally understand the hype around this film. It truly is a masterpiece because it has so many layers to it and all of them are brilliant. The film was originally conceived keeping Jackie Chan in mind but was later offered to Michelle Yeoh (I personally am happy with this choice). Just before COVID-19 hit in 2020 they started and finished shooting the film, from January 2020 to March 2020. 45 days to wrap up shooting a film that has so many intricate cuts and edits is such a feat!

The Science Fiction Aspect

A story based on the multiverse is not unique we've had many in the past including a few in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the theory around Verse Jumping and what one needs to do before one can access another universe is very cool. As soon as one verse jumps, they instantly live the life of another version of themselves and gain all the skills from that universe. The protagonist, Evelyn, has lived the worst possibilities among all the other universes so practically any erratic action she does before a Verse Jump makes her fetch one worthy skill from another universe. A hero that sucks so bad that she is so good.

The Comedy

There are so many moments in this film that make you laugh out loud. Some of the universes are so ridiculous that you can't help but chuckle. Hot Dog, really? Dialogues are fast and you never know when you are going to be hit with humor, it almost always happens when you least expect it.

The Production Design

Each of the universes has a distinctly different production design. The Actress-CEO one gives the vibes of the film 2046 and the likes. The hot dog one reminds you of Amelie. The Alphaverse is old school and takes you back to films like Time Cop or Total Recall. If you sit down to watch the film just to observe each universe in the film, you'll map it to one genre or the other and to specific films, like Raccacoonie, the one with the chef who has a raccoon on his head guiding him to cook!

The Excellent Metaphor

This is the more brilliant element in the movie. Sure you can sit down and watch this film as literal science fiction and fantasy with perfectly laid out rules and concepts. But this is not the thing that makes this film great. You have to step in a level and observe the analogy around the toxicity that a close and loving family can bring to one another. Everything Everywhere All At Once is one massive metaphor of a movie and you aren't done with the film until you catch this. Evelyn's constant seeing for approval and not getting it is an endless cycle that she perpetuates and her daughter, Joy, is trapped in the same way. They can get free only when this cycle is broken at the source.

What were your thoughts on the film? What aspects of the movie did you love or not like?

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