History Of Time Travel Movies

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The concept of time being linear has been broken by books and movies for a long time now. The 80s picked up steam with movies like Somewhere In Time and Time Bandits. But the scene changed when Back To The Future hit the big screens in 1985. Robert Zemeckis showed us that a massively complicated story doesn't have to be serious. The amount of comedy in this film despite how complex it was pushed the benchmark up for the future films of this science-fiction sub-genre. The 90s saw a steep increase in Time Travel movies in a variety of genres like drama, romance, action, and fantasy. We also saw Time Loop films, the most popular one being Groundhog Day which paved the way for niche space in films.

The last decade has been massive with comic book film franchises like the X-Men Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe introducing time travel in their all-star films that brought together massive casts. Even the Snyder Cut of Justice League had time-travel in it although not as a central theme.

Independent directors like Shane Carruth and Glenn Triggs have produced extremely complex films making viewers re-watch these films multiple times to really understand and appreciate the finer details. What's more? They did it in budgets under $10,000!!

Leading filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, has always played with time in his films and we've seen most innovative mechanics of time travel in films like Interstellar and Tenet which were extremely big budget films.

The success of these movies has gotten everyone intrigued and audiences are now wondering how they are going to be wowed next!

Here's a list that celebrates all of the great films made in this sub-genre.


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