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Hundreds of Macy's Workers Across Washington Set To Go On Strike on Black Friday!

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In an unprecedented move, over 400 Macy's workers in Washington are set to strike on Black Friday, citing Unfair Labor Practices ("ULP").

The discontent stems from issues ranging from wage disputes to safety concerns, marking a significant stand against the retail giant. Here's a closer look at the reasons behind the strike.

Striking for Fair Wages: A Billion-Dollar Dilemma

Macy's, a retail juggernaut with reported revenues of $25 billion in 2022, faces a backlash from its workforce. The workers, represented by UFCW 3000, demand substantial improvements during contract negotiations. Despite the company's profitability, they argue that Macy's fails to prioritize fair wages, offering what seems like a pay cut amidst rising inflation.

Safety Woes: A Call for Change

Workers at Macy's express concerns about safety threats, including shoplifting and violence, which they feel the corporation inadequately addresses. Instances like a sales associate being disciplined for calling 911 during a shoplifting incident underscore the need for improved safety measures. The fear of retaliation has left workers hesitant to report threats, creating an unsafe environment for both employees and customers.

Striking Against Unfair Labor Practices: Workers Unite

As the strike looms, UFCW Local 3000 alleges that Macy's violated contractual rights, engaged in the surveillance of union members, and participated in bad-faith bargaining. The workers' union contends that these practices are pivotal reasons behind the Unfair Labor Practices strike. The discontent has fueled a collective call for change among Macy's employees.

Pay Struggles Amidst Inflation: A Silent Battle

Workers argue that their pay isn't keeping up with the soaring cost of living, with inflation outpacing national averages in the Puget Sound Region. Despite Macy's financial success, many employees find themselves grappling with financial hardships. The striking workers emphasize the need for better pay that aligns with the current economic landscape.


As the Black Friday strike approaches, Macy's faces a substantial challenge in pacifying its disgruntled workforce. The issues raised by the striking employees, from fair wages to safety concerns, echo larger debates about workers' rights and corporate responsibility. The outcome of this strike could potentially set a precedent for labor practices in the retail industry.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • Do you support the Macy's workers' decision to strike? Why or why not?
  • How important do you think it is for corporations like Macy's to address safety concerns raised by their employees?
  • Considering the ongoing debates about fair wages, how can companies strike a balance between profitability and ensuring employee well-being?

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