6 Inspirational Quotes explained that will change your life


How many inpirational quotes per day do you see shared all over social media channels? We all do it. We have quotes we live by and stand by. We share them with friends when they're going through hardship. We turn to them ourselves when we need find meaning. But how many times have we stopped and dag deeper into what they're actually telling us?
We fall back on them to inspire and motivate us to make better decisions in life. Here I will share 10 of the most inspirational quotes explained that will change your life.


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Work hard in silence; let your success make noise. ~Anonymous

This quote is for those who you can call your 'haters'. It speaks for itself like most of them do. Never brag about what you're doing and how successful you are. Your success will eventually speak for itself. The path you choose may be unconventional and the results may not be immediately visible, but delay in your success does not mean you won't succeed. Do it through silence and diligence without letting them know how hard you are working. Finally, when you succeed, that will be the time to roar to the world and show off your success.

Strive for progress not perfection. ~Anonymous

We live in a reality that our value is based on how much we're earning and what education vertificate we hold. We are always expected to strive for perfection in this harsh and judgemental world. This quote is to remind us that we need to focus on what gives us a sense of achievement and happiness. We shouldn't seek to conform to the rules of society where we strive for prestigious education, high paying job and expensive house. This is not the progress of our mind and not what we are capable of doing. This only results in us leading a life where we seek approval. We need to move away from these deterrents and create a life that would make us proud.

Change comes from self-love, not self-loathing. ~Lauren Fleshman

The easiest way to let out your frustration of any failure is to beat yourself up and be the victim. But why? Self-blaming is very destructive and one of the worst things you can do. Everyone goes through failure whilst striving for certain goals. You will be your own hero and there is nothing to loath about the mistakes you will commit on the way. You should be feeling proud as you face the world, nothing more.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. ~Robert Collier

There is no secret recipe to success and it is for sure not handed out to us on a silver platter. It is the sum total of all the years of success and failures. There are no shortcuts to real success, so forget about those self-help books of getting rich fast. It’s all sweat, blood and a whole lot of tears and persistence that makes a person successful. Those learnings and hardship you go through add up to many gains. Make your efforts consistent each day and you will see the unbelievable difference you make in your life.


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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. ~Anonymous

Slightly cheesy, I know, but I always loved this quote. It reminds me that living a hundred years does not make a difference if you haven’t lived and experienced it fully. It is more important to live a quality life appreciating every moment than spending many years wasting it away. The truth of life nowadays is that most of us have forgotten to enjoy small things in life and spend time with people who matter. We are all in this mad rush to succeed in this busy, competitive world. How often do we just take time to enjoy watching the sun rise or enjoy each others company without being on our phones? Or simply observing the beauty in nature. Live every moment of your life like it's your last, it will take your breath away!

Life is not about finding yourself. Life if about creating yourself. ~Anonymous
These days we are obsessed about finding ourselves. Digging deep within to understand who we actually are. We are encouraged to read self help books, journal, spend time alone in order to find our more about ourselves. But what if we changed our game plan to creating ourselves? Wouldn't this be so much more authentic and real? And guess what? You can re-create yourself as many times as you like. You can evolve with time and through relationships with yourself and others. What is more exciting than that?

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