Fun winter activities for all during a Pandemic


The Corona Virus outbreak has extended for over a year of impacting our daily lives. Sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to find any fun in your day-to-day routine. I often get the feeling of being in the "Groundhog day" movie and not in a fun way! Finding winter activities that bring you joy could be even more of a challenge as the weather gets colder. Especially, when it’s not as easy to get together with family and friends due to the restrictions and the cold.

But even if you’re spending more time at home, you can still find some wonderful ways to enjoy the winter. It's all about finding creative ways to reconnect with your loved ones. Here I share a 'to-do list' that you can follow that is very simple and tailored to the winter season. In fact, any season!

For the outdoors:

If you've been lucky enough to have a white winter then these are some activities you can enjoy with your family, friends, or even solo.

- Have a snowball fight

- Make a Snowman with your loved ones

- Make Snow angels

- Go Stargazing

- Take a winter hike

- Take up ice staking

For the Foodies:

- Try making baked apples

- Sip a cup of cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows

- Bake a pie

- Take on sourdough bread making

- Make baked vegetable chips

- Simmer a pot of homemade hearty soup

- Enjoy an Eggnog

- Indulge in some Mulled Wine - it doesn't have to be Christmas!

- Have a fondue or raclette night

- Enjoy a hot toddy

For the "Artsy Craftsy"

- Create homemade cards for special occasions

- Build a gingerbread house out of play-dough

- Make a bird-feeder out on pinecones and peanut butter

- Get into knitting

- Colour a colouring book

- Have board game nights

For the 'self-care' lovers:

- Indulge in a new scented candle

- Enjoy a bubble bath

- Put on a face mask whilst painting your nails

- Cosy up by the fireplace

- Wrap up in a blanket and enjoy a good book

- Spend the whole day in pj's

- Spoil yourself to some expensive comfy slippers

- Buy a cashmere dressing gown

For the 'quality-time' ones:

- Host a movie marathon

- Bake cookies to share with your neighbours and household

- Have a living room picnic

- Make a tent out of bed sheets and have an afternoon tea party

- Enjoy a candle light dinner

- Host a cooking class

For those looking for something new:

- Take on a new hobby

- Download 'Duo Lingo' and start learning a new language

- Have a 'new months resolution' each month

- Grow a new plant

- Try painting something for your house

- Invent a new card game

For those with kids:

Experiencing family togetherness during these tough times is crucial to the well being of our families. Some of the best parenting advice I came across was: "When it rains, play in the rain." There are ways of making the best out of any situation, the pandemic included. We can turn this period into a moment that will live in our kids' memories. We want them to be able to face other times of uncertainty with grace and recall these days with a smile. They will remember how their family pulled together and made the best of things, and they'll be able to do the same.

- Play dress up

- Thumb wrestle

- Plan a family vacation

- Make a stuffed animal zoo

- Match up your socks

- Make your own crosswords puzzle

- Make a Barbie doll house from shoe boxes

- Host a Family DIY party

- Have a campfire in your garden

- Blow bubbles from your home made soap liquid

- Re-shuffle your furniture to give your home a new look

- Bake a cake

- Invent a new sport

- Create a family 'cook book'

- Make an old family recipe

- Make your own puppets

- Create a family playlist on Spotify

- Build a model car

- Write poems

- Print out family photos and make a family 'photo-book'

- Make a dream-catcher

- Adopt or foster a pet

- Have a family dance off

- Record a family pod cast to share with your extended family & friends

As you can see, there are an infinite number of cool things you can do at home. Whether you are in a couple, single, or with children, life can still be fun at home.

It is important to keep sane during these times and to stay busy and be happy. Trust me, as you get started with some of the above list, you will realise that there is no time to get bored.

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