10 Best Feel Good Movies for Covid Times


We all love a feel good movie to cheer ourselves up. Especially during this period of our lives where we're stuck at home. Whether you're home alone, in a couple, or living with friends, these movies will make you feel good.

What better time is there than now to dive deeper into the classics. Watch those movies you've always said you wanted to watch and get a list ready! It's a great incentive to finish off all your work and run all your house errands before you get your movie night. Start popping the corn and get reading below my list of all time favourite movies to watch.


1. The Devil Wears Prada

I cannot believe this movie came out in 2006! It makes me feel old! The Devil Wears Prada is an all time favourite comedy drama. Anne Hathaway plays an aspiring writer, who scores a dream job at a fashion magazine like Vogue. The only catch is that her diabolical boss Miranda is an absolute nightmare. An excellent movie for legendary Meryl Streep lovers!


2. The School of Rock

Jack Black plays a wannabe rocker who has lost his place in his music band. In need of work, he becomes a substitute music teacher at an exclusive private school. He teaches his students rock 'n' roll, and signing them up to compete in The Battle of the Bands. An all time favourite and one that never gets old.


3. Love Actually

I know what you're thinking - it's a Christmas movie! You're right yes! This doesn't mean that any day is a good day to watch Love Actually as it actually is! I watch it all year round and it's my most favourite feel-good movie. Its hug cast makes up eight different couples whose love lives are all intertwined. It all culminates in a story that will always warm your heart. You realise that nothing can get in the way of love. Not even a language barrier or oceans.


4. The Princess Bride

Believe it or not I've only watched this last night! This heart warming fantasy romance is about long-lost loves Westley and Buttercup. A couple who must fight various obstacles they face in the kingdom of Florin to finally be together.


5. Mrs Doubtfire

Aerosmith's "Dude" song will get stuck in your head after laughing so hard at the vacuuming scene! The late and legendary Robin Williams plays the British nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire in this unforgettable comedy. Williams plays the down-on-his-luck father who attempts to win back his wife and kids back. By working as their female housekeeper, his interactions with the family are so adorable, you'll forget about the fact that he's lying to them.


6. 13 Going on 30

In the uplifting 2004 chick flick where Jennifer Garner's birthday wish to become "thirty, flirty, and thriving" comes true. Although she has the body and career any 30-year-old dream of, she's still a child at heart. Watching her dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at a company party will make you laugh so hard. The story of her falling for her childhood BFF starred by Mark Ruffalo will chase the blues away.


7. Legally Blonde

Who remembers the pink furry pen and notepad scene during the court trial? The bubbly Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) for sure will get you out of a funk. The 2001 rom-com teaches all audiences how to "bend and snap" and how to move on from a relationship. But the most important take away message from the film is to not judge a book by its scented pink cover. An absolute joy to watch.


8. Bridesmaids

How many men out there have gone: "oh no, not Bridesmaids, that sounds awful!" then ended up loving this movie? It's like the women version of "The Hangover", but funnier! This hilarious movie features an all-star ensemble cast comprised of Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, and Wendi McLendon-Covey. You'll be dying from laughter at the Brazilian restaurant visit gone wrong. Definitely lots of parts you can relate to when it comes to female "best friend" relationships.


9. La La Land

Get ready to go back to the time when you listened to the soundtrack over and over again. For months. A pianist (Ryan Gosling) and actress (Emma Stone) transport audiences back to the golden days of Hollywood. You'll find yourself back in the time where musicals and the art of dance used to encourage viewers to follow their dreams. The 2017 Oscar-winning film is a must-see for theater lovers, anyone who loves bright colors, jazz, and romance. Who doesn't love all that?


10. Mamma Mia

Got summer blues? Missing a Greek island getaway? The only thing better than Meryl Streep singing and dancing on a beautiful Greek island is the fact that she does it to the addictive songs of ABBA. Good luck trying not to sing along and getting transported back in time. Beautiful scenery, music, and romance. Mamma Mia is and always will be a movie we can count on.

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