Fun home activities do to at home during Covid Lockdown


Is this lockdown ending anytime soon? If you answer is that you have no idea and you're running out of ideas to keep yourself busy then read on..

Whether you are alone during lockdown, live with your significant other, or have a family, we all need a variety of things to do. We are reaching a point where there is not enough stimulation at home or we are getting bored of the same routine. Children are a tough one to keep entertained. How do we keep them entertained when we are not feeling so hyped ourselves?

Taking care of our emotional well-being a is of paramount importance during this time. It's almost as keeping busy is a virtue. You need plenty of fun things to do at home to keep yourself entertained. Having structure to your day is essential for your mental health so why not make a lockdown bucket list?

Here I have put together some fun ideas to keep your minds and your bodies in action during house lockdown. All are ideal for couples, families, or solo lockdowners.

1. Clear out your wardrobe

What better time is there to go through all the items you've been wanting to clear out and re-organise? Whether you’re a hoarder like myself or a minimalist, we all have a cupboard, drawer or even an entire house that needs some re-visiting every now and then. And what better time is there than now? Spend a few hours a day sorting through your messy closet, kitchen pantry, living room shelving, and put aside anything you don’t need. If it’s old, unused for over a year, or broken, throw it away. Consider donating to a local charity of or family in need. You can also turn it into a fun coffee afternoon by inviting a select of your close friends and do it together. You can also make your friends happy by giving some item to them. A few new items in their wardrobe can go a long way.

2. Learn a new language

No more excuses! Time to get onto it! Have you spent years procastinating on when the right time is to finally pick up Spanish? Or Italian perhaps? Well, what better time is there than now to download DuoLingo onto your phones? All you need is to commit to 30 minutes each day to start learning that new language you always wanted to. Once the kids have gone to bed and you partner is reading his book, you can start babbling.

3. Organise you photos

Whether your iPhone storage is almost almost full or you still haven’t gone through all your amazing photos from your last holiday, now’s the time to get organising. Separate all your pictures into folders (by year, location, or type), name them, and then back them all up on a hard drive or save all to the Cloud. Make sure you back them up to more than one source so be on the safe side. Go through all the folders in your laptop and delete the photos you don't like. You will be suprised about how much speed your laptop picks up once it has some space. That’s one less thing you need to worry about doing when the world opens up again.

4. Start your own business

If you’re one of the many people currently out of work, it’s time to think about some creative business ideas for YOU. Sending your CV to employers who have already had to let go of their employees won't work, so start taking matters into your own hands and consider setting up your own business. Think about your passion, your talents, and start with creating a vision board. You can use Pinterest to search any anything and everything. I have started my own clothing brand a couple of months ago and have been researching eco-sustainable fabrics for it. Trust me, you will be surprised about how much time it all takes. Having something to focus on and direction has been critical in maintaining my sense of self worth. It has made me feel motivated and given me something to look forward to during uncertain times. Of course, we need to be realistic when it comes to expectations. You might not make your millions in the current climate, but there is no better time than now to start planning, researching and strategising for when things improve. Who knows, this time next year you could be looking back wondering why you never took this step way sooner in life.

5. Update your CV

If you do not wish to go down the path of setting up your own business, this one is for you. Whether you have lost your job during the pandemic or have been unhappy at work for a while, there’s no better time to step-up your CV. Put aside an afternoon to go through the old and let the new shine through. We always end up accumulating so much experience and learning so many new skills that we don't even realise. Then we forget to reflect them in our CV's. So take some time to re-visit your existing CV that has been sitting somewhere on your desktop for years and re-vamp it. Having an up to date CV will enable you to never miss out on that 'closing-soon' dream job opportunity.

6. Try out a new hair style

If the last time you had a fringe was when you were young and you've always wondered what it would look like now – now is your chance. What's the worst that could happen? If you hate it, it wll grow out and there’s no one around to see it. If you love it? Well then that’s a quarantine win! Otherwise you can also watch and learn some new hair braiding techniques by watching YouTube tutorials. There are some beautiful hairstyles out there and YouTube has so much to offer. Whatever it is you chose to experiment with, enjoy the time you have now and keep trying. A pink bob maybe?!

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