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In this post, I will cover all the apps I use on my mobile phone for content creation. After having tried and tested almost all the apps available on this planet, I am happy to say that I am confident that you are going to LOVE these! Don't worry, I am not going to overwhelm you with too many but only with the precious few that you will love and use FOREVER.

Honestly, I know so many content creators with massive accounts and you'd be surprised when I tell you that all they use for content creation is their iPhones/androids. Achieving amazing content does not necessarily mean you have to have the most expensive equipment to achieve the best results.

Best Apps for Instagram Stories:

1. Unfold:

Unfold is a story editor app with over 300 incredible templates. It offers in app-purchases meaning you can buy the templates you like that will create your story. All at very reasonable prices too. I create beautiful collages for my stories and often add text to them if I want to share a caption too. Below you can see some template examples that will get you in the groove!

From basic & classic templates to more retro/film style one, Unfold has something to suit every storytellers narrative. It's been awarded best app for the last couple of years for a reason :) Oh, and it can be used with videos too! Unfold was built for people who want to tell stories in a thoughtful and curated way, and this app is the perfect way to do so in a more design-focused way.

Unfold isn’t just for Instagram. You can use the platform to curate Stories across other social networks, such as Facebook and Snapchat. But, in my case, as an instagrammer, I use it more for IG and absolutely love it.


2. Mojo

Another great app to tell stories.. A different variety of templates and more personalisation options compared to Unfold I'd say. With Mojo, you canmake use of 300+ amazing templates, combine text effects and GIFs, add music and share your story on any social platform. It's been voted the best video editor app and therefore it's my go to when creating video stories.

There are more than 200 text styles to pick from - isn't that amazing! All of them are beautifully animated and fully adapt to your content and your chosen story collage. You can customize fonts, colors, sizes, positions, alignments, etc. by using Mojo Instagram story editor.

Membership options are: ‘Freemium’ - free, with premium options (£19.99 a year or £4.99 a month). As its such a good tool, Mojo is heavily geared towards business users too. Almost every type of business is catered for here: whether you run a restaurant, an online store, or even a blog, there are plenty of templates to experiment with. Mojo can very quickly turn even a single image and a few words into something you might pay a motion designer a pretty penny to knock up! This is why I think the membership fee is totally fair.

There are a bunch of themed templates to explore, from those designed for documenting fashion shoots to tech-orientated fare that displays your video on an iPhone/Android screen. The templates are easy to personalise with your own content, and the range of text, color palettes, and backgrounds is fantastic – and gives you a lot of variety compared to most of the other apps out there. Mojo makes it actively difficult to produce something that looks average, honestly, you are going to LOVE it.

Both the above apps are my two favourites and go to's when it comes to Story creation for IG. In fact, I'd say I probaby use Unfold more often than Mojo as I find it simpler and quicker to create my stories on Unfold as Mojo has too many incredible options that I sometimes find overwhelming when I'm in a rush.

Best Apps for Photo Editing:

1. Lightroom Mobile

OBVIOUSLY! As a Lightroom user on my Mac, the mobile version is my best friend for small changes and sometimes even for the whole edit from start to finish. I often end up taking photos I fall in love with on my iPhone too and I like having the option of being able to do a quick edit or stick a quick preset on them and BOOM - ready to go!


Lightroom is a cloud-based service that gives you everything you need to create, edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device. Basically I call it the 'mini me version' of Lighroom desktop. It is true that there are less capabilities and it is harder to see your whole catalogue and edit multiple photos in a quicker and more efficient and effective way on the mobile app version so please consider this. I usually use it when I know it's going to work well with my lifestyle photos such as photos from a restaurant or fashion style portrait shots to which I can just add a preset onto. I also use it a lot to make minor colour and light adjustments to once I send the Lightroom desktop edited version to my iPhone and I see it needs some small adjustments.

2. Lens Distortions

This is literally the ultimate photo editor app and you will be amazed with what you can turn your photos into. From incredible light hit options, to sky changes, weather effects, and adding textural effects to so much more. This app is a layer-based photo editor for creating cinematic imagery. Lens Distortions is a brand known for taking iconic visual techniques from the advertising and film industries and making them available to creators in post-production.

The best effects are the ones no one knows you added, and trust me, with Lens Distortions, it's really hard to tell. I use it to beautiful light, natural elements, and elegant overlays to create truly vivid images to some images of mine that look dull. If you already have knowledge of Photoshop and understand it's layer-based approach, this app will be super easy to use when adding color and effects. You can fine-tune the details of every element and tranform your photos into immersive key art compositions.

Let me be truly open with you, I know I've talked really highly about all the apps I use. Especially for the photo editing ones, you do need to make sure you have a good photo to start with. Do not expect the app to turn things into magic. I always say it's always 50/50. A good photo is half the work then if you've mastered a good edit, BOOM! - you're good to go! I'd highly recommend checking out their instagram pages to see what they've created and what you can do with these apps before downloading them.

Get ready to create everyone! And most importantly, ENJOY!

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