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Patent held by CDC for the coronavirus in 2003

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Lots of rumors and information has circulated the new media and their outlets pertaining to the origins of the coronavirus. I've been following indepth the as being "woke" and finding the answers as well as the truths that need be to be told. People are unwilling to look for the answers themselves nor Research the information effecting their lives. The power of technology that is in the palms of people's hands that can be untilized in way for them to make the or choice's of what to believe. It's their right to the press, and the freedom of information that can play a big part if people can just take that time to look for themselves. This is going to be my first of many stories based on the very facts I've researched myself and it makes me wonder... Why doesn't anyone else do it!? So I'm going to start by giving you the information and the links I found the information to be fact! Starting with a good topic the Coronavirus. The United States insist it's that of the Wuhan virus aka China virus. I'm not so sure of that anymore after finding a patent that is honestly owned by that of our own CDC. And So our very own CDC has held the patent for Coronavirus isolated from humans patented in 2003 filed on behalf of the CDC and now has been extended for expiration. You can find that fact and information Pertaining to this at the website PROVIDED. "US7776521B1 - Coronavirus isolated from humans - Google Patents" https://patents.google.com/patent/US7776521B1/en"US7776521B1 - Coronavirus isolated from humans - Google Patents" https://patents.google.com/patent/US7776521B1/en.

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