Google Maps Fishing in Arizona (Urban Pond)

We found an awesome little fishing pond on google maps! Arizona fishing ponds are all over the area! You just have to find the right ones! Pond fishing in Arizona typically yields the same fish. Bass, tilapia, bluegill, carp, and catfish. This is why it is so important to fish different bodies of water. You never know how the fishing is going to be or what fish is going to rain king in that pond! A great rule of thumb when fishing new places is to always bring worms and bread. These 2 baits will almost always get a bite. I always sink it first but if you see fish toward the surface than put on a bobber! Arizona pond fishing is full of endless opportunities. I always love going into a spot blind and just discovering things out. This day we got really lucky with the channel catfish and panfish! You can’t beat some Arizona urban pond fishing in the heat of the summer! I have been hearing from a lot of people here in AZ that the fishing sucks right now!

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Hello all, My name is mark Pickett and I love fishing and exploring the outdoors. I have been fishing “seriously”for about 11 years now. I film fishing videos a few times a week and I am excited to share that all with the people online. Fishing is my passion, so I am always trying to bring the best content as possible. As time goes on, I look to improve the quality of my videos. Right now I do a lot of fishing for big catfish, but I enjoy catching multispecies as well. Enjoy the videos!

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