Chumming the Pond for 3 Days... Then Fishing It! (Catfish Edition)

We literally could not keep a rod in the water for more than 30 seconds… It was non stop action all morning. After chumming the canal for 3 days and fishing it, I decided to give this local pond a try! Like I said before, this pond already has good fishing, so this chum worked extremely well! I chummed the pond every morning for 3 days, and on the 3rd day I fished. The chum was made mainly for catfish and consisted of hotdogs, chicken liver, oatmeal, breadcrumbs, shrimp, fish sauce, garlic powder and corn. This is a catfish and carp recipe I modified slightly. As you can see it did an amazing job at drawing in the channel cats! Urban pond fishing in Arizona can be very crazy if you chum! We literally could not keep a rod in the water for more than 30 seconds. It was completely on fire. The catfish were slamming the garlic chicken liver.

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Hello all, My name is mark Pickett and I love fishing and exploring the outdoors. I have been fishing “seriously”for about 11 years now. I film fishing videos a few times a week and I am excited to share that all with the people online. Fishing is my passion, so I am always trying to bring the best content as possible. As time goes on, I look to improve the quality of my videos. Right now I do a lot of fishing for big catfish, but I enjoy catching multispecies as well. Enjoy the videos!

Alexandria, VA

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