Catching Fish on Tortillas in an Arizona Canal

Let’s go! The canal fishing continues! I was on my way out after a skunk while catfishing and spotted these carp sitting under a bridge! All I had on me that I was able to use was the tortilla from my burrito that I had for lunch. Carp are big fans of tortilla, including the grass and common carp in the Arizona canals. All it took was a small piece of tortilla on a finesse hook, and boom! Fish on. These canals are full of grass carp and common carp. When you decide to try and fish the canals, bring some kind of carp bait. These fish get huge! And can give you a great fight. I was also using 4lb test, so the fight was much for emphasized. These canal fish pull hard. So far, these grass and common carp have pulled drag the hardest in Arizona. I have already filmed 2 more trips that will be posting sometime next week. This is only the beginning of the Arizona fishing adventures!

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Hello all, My name is mark Pickett and I love fishing and exploring the outdoors. I have been fishing “seriously”for about 11 years now. I film fishing videos a few times a week and I am excited to share that all with the people online. Fishing is my passion, so I am always trying to bring the best content as possible. As time goes on, I look to improve the quality of my videos. Right now I do a lot of fishing for big catfish, but I enjoy catching multispecies as well. Enjoy the videos!

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