Arizona Canal Catfishing with Chicken Liver!

Arizona canal fishing is my new favorite type of fishing! This canal was loaded with channel catfish! Chicken liver is always my bait of choice when fishing a new catfish spot. From west coast to east coast, it has always produced fish for me. Garlic chicken liver has a very strong scent in the water, and obviously these channel catfish enjoy that scent. Arizona canals have a large population of all types of fish. It definitely offers some very good catfishing. This will not be the last time I do some Arizona canal fishing, but rather the first trip of many. The catfishing was just too good to pass up. Canal catfish are very much to catch! They bite very well for the small body of water they live in. Arizona fisherman! If you have not tried out garlic scented chicken livers for catfish, I highly recommend it! As you can see it works very well, and provides consistent results.

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Hello all, My name is mark Pickett and I love fishing and exploring the outdoors. I have been fishing “seriously”for about 11 years now. I film fishing videos a few times a week and I am excited to share that all with the people online. Fishing is my passion, so I am always trying to bring the best content as possible. As time goes on, I look to improve the quality of my videos. Right now I do a lot of fishing for big catfish, but I enjoy catching multispecies as well. Enjoy the videos!

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